Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rabbit Go to Sleep

My coworker Wen-shu took this video of her daughter putting the bunny, er, pardon me RABBIT (she's particular about the name) to sleep.

(embedded with permission)


  1. That is so cute - she is adorable!! It must be so satisfying to see her really enjoying the present too!

  2. that's adorable..though you should perhaps consider making that child a larger blanket to go with her rabbit...she seems to have some trouble fitting under it with him ;o)

  3. Oh dear! I could eat her right up! Stay here, rabbit! Good boy! I agree with the poster above - you gots to make that kidlet a bigger blankie so the two of those cutie patooties can share.

  4. The video had me laughing all day!

    I have a nefarious plan to "teach" her mom to sew (she learned to knit in one easy lesson, sewing should be a snap) and she wants to make her daughter a blankie to match.... (rubs hands in Mr. Burns-like glee while saying "Ehhhhxcellent")

  5. i should mention,
    that lucky little girl has a rabbit (blanket) matching bag from auntie lori too~
    she is all geared.
    yes, i will learn how to sew soon.

    thanks again for the lovely gifts

  6. What a sweet, funny video! It must be so nice to see how much she likes playing with her new rabbit. It's precious!

  7. Man, that's a lot of work!


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