Sunday, May 17, 2009

A riveting post about plants with a surprise ending!

We had really nice warm weather the last 2 days. I picked up some bedding plants for my non-garden garden. I love having lettuce and tomatoes and herbs and a few flowers too.


I spent time today outside with my knitting, enjoying the plants

and my beautiful view:
The View

I have tomatoes and peppers in pots. I planted lettuce and onions in a planter that is attached to the building.
Tomatoes & peppers

The biggest tomato plant already has a tomato starting on it.
Tomatoes & peppers

Ahhh... spring. Warm Sunday afternoon to sit outside. We have a long weekend this weekend, so I have a whole extra day to enjoy my little non-garden. Until... (cue foreboding music)

Frost warning

Wait... Are you KIDDING ME??? (That's 12 celsius btw which isn't that cool, but it's getting colder fast)


Snow. On May 18th. Snow. So call me paranoid if you will, but...
I brought my portable garden inside for the night. It would be just my luck to lose everything the night after I planted it all... My sister-in-law is driving from Okotoks (just south of Calgary) to Houston, TX this weekend (with her 3 toddlers... brave, brave woman) to meet up with my brother. He accepted a new position with his company down there and so they're moving. (I'm really really sad about that but i will studiously ignore it right now for fear of turning maudlin.... hey look! something shiny!!). I'm pretty sure this forecast would make them laugh hysterically right now.

If you made it this far, congratulations! There is no prize, I just think it's nice to be congratulated from time to time. Tomorrow I should have pictures of an actual, real, live finished knit! Imagine that! AND, maybe, some in progress pics as well. It's just so exciting. :D


  1. We are going to have some crazy low temperatures tonight.. only all of my plants are in raised bed gardens. I've got to figure out a way to cover my plants before nightfall.

    I love the pot with the shards (of glass? pottery?) on it.

    Happy spring!

  2. Can you believe this weather? At least we didn't wake up to snow. But still. Rain? On Victoria Day? Darn!


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