Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sahara. Finally.

My project notes on Ravelry indicate a start date in May 2008 for this one. That can't be right. Or maybe it is. It was a long time. But, she's finally done and I love her.

Sahara, finally
Pattern: Sahara by Wendy Bernard (Knit & Tonic).
Yarn: Butterfly Super 10. My scale shows that it was exactly 1 pound, which would make it about 996 yards in total.
Mods: Knit on US 8/5mm needles (pattern calls for US 6); 3/4 length sleeves - changed the frequency of sleeve decreases to accommodate; added length in the body; knit the XS size sleeve due to my larger row gauge.

Sahara, finally
I love this sweater. It fits perfectly and is very comfortable. I foresee more of these in my future.

Just not right now.

This one was languishing in my WIPs bin for a long time with one complete sleeve and one 1/3 done sleeve. Why would I do that you ask? Well, I had already knit 2 sleeves-- one following the pattern exactly and one when I realized that my row gauge was very different from that specified and it would make for a better fit if I followed the directions for the XS sleeve rather. By the time the 2nd sleeve was done I was no longer feeling the love for the sleeves. So it sat. And sat. Then last weekend I decided to just finish it already. So I picked it up and quickly blew through sleeve #3. And promptly realized I wasn't following the notes I had written for myself and ended up having to frog 40 rounds of sleeve. And so, this one sweater ended up with me knitting almost 4 complete sleeves.

She's lucky she fit so well or she may have become a really pretty colored rag.

(I know, I shouldn't blame the knit item for the problems but who am I going to blame? Myself?? haha)


  1. I love the pattern too, but I would make it a more standard fit instead of the very fitted style on the models. Yours is great. And that colour is just gorgeous.

  2. Great fit! And a great colour.

    I've tagged you for a photo game (sorry!) Have a look at my blog for the rules.

  3. Now there's a sweater i could see myself wearing - it's lovely! Congrats on a hard won fo.


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