Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Diamond Lattice Stole


Diamond Lattice Stole

According to my notes on this project on Ravelry, I started in May 2008. The knitting wasn't difficult and I was loving the fabric it was producing, I just kept getting bored/distracted while working on it. I finally decided to just finish already on Sunday and here she is.

Diamond Lattice stole 1

Pattern: Based on the Diamond Lattice lace chart from the Drawstring Chemise in the Spring 2008 Interweave Knits.
Yarn: My handspun, Seascape. Approximately 550 yards. I used all but about a yard of it. The yarn is about a fingering weight and is so soft and ... sigh. I love it.
Measurement: 18" x 72"

Diamond Lattice Stole 2

I can use it as a stole for all the super dressy events I attend, but I'll most likely use it more as a scarf.

Diamond Lattice Stole 3
(I just realized these aren't the most in-focus pictures. I need to figure out the self-timer on my new camera The Boy's camera)

Diamond Lattice Stole 4

It's light and fluffy and warm and cozy all at once. It's a welcome burst of color in a dreary February in Calgary.

Did I mention I love it?

One more for good measure:
Diamond Lattice Stole 5

I'm so very glad I finally finished this knit. I wish it hadn't taken me so long. Sigh. Did I mention I love it?


  1. I just love how that turned out!
    The colour is amazing. A for sure pick up for cold and snowy CowTown :)

  2. The colors are just beautiful in that scarf. I hope your mom is feeling better.


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