Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's just a movie... It's Just a movie!

Late Breaking* Oscar winning** movie news***: I don't know if you're aware of this, but the original Jaws is a scary scary movie****. I've seen it before but it's been years and years. I'm watching it on TV today and, even though I know what is coming up next and even though I live in a land-locked province, all I can think right now is "I am NEVER EVER going in the water again. Ever."

To distract us from this scary scary movie:


I spun this last week. 2 ply, about a sport weight but I don't know the yardage (forgot to count it). I love my new cameraThe Boy's camera. The shot above would not have been possible with my camera.


I have a new 3 ply that I spun this weekend but The Boy forgot to leave me the charger for my new camera his camera and sadly, he is in Vegas this weekend so I have no charger, therefore no awesome camera, therefore no new shots of the pretty 3 ply yarn. I hope you'll survive the anticipation.

Tonight I plan to watch the Oscars, something I rarely do (I usually just catch bits and pieces throughout the evening). We'll see how long I last before I go nuts. I just turned on the E! red carpet coverage (Jaws is over. WHEW), which I've never watched before, it's kind of interesting in a way. I haven't seen any truly crazy dresses yet but I hope there will be something insane soon!

*Yes, I'm aware it came out in 1975
**Film Editing, Original Score & Sound. Duh dum. Duh dum. Duh dum. (shivers down spine)
***Fine, it's not "news" per se, but I had forgotten and I have nothing else "new" to report
****I don't get scared watching movies very often, but when you're watching a movie you've seen before, that is part of the cultural lexicon, that you KNOW THE ENDING to, that you know what the scary thing is and you STILL cover your eyes, jump up on the couch, say "OH NO OH NO OH NO" as the music (Duh dum. Duh dum. Duh dum) starts... yeah. Scary. Plus: 70's fashions.

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