Sunday, February 15, 2009

Corduroy Bag

The Boy is away this weekend, so no Valentine's Day outings for me. I don't mind, I'm not much of a Valentine's person anyway. Plus, he left me his digital SLR to play with, so I've been having fun. And, I've been sewing.

cord bag

A couple of weeks ago The Boy was cleaning out clothes he no longer wears and brought me some items he thought I might want for crafting. Nice to see he's learning... As soon as I saw the pair of wide-wale corduroys I knew they were meant to be a new bag.

cord bag 2

I made a simple bag with lining.

cord bag inside

I used magnetic snaps, which was a new thing for me.

cord bag closure

I had this idea a while ago to use belts for straps on a purse so I figured I would use them on this bag.

cord bag strap 2

I'm fairly happy with it, except I need to figure out if I want to try to secure the bag to the belts in order to stop the scrunching. I stitched through sides with the holes in the belt but the other sides are not secured. Not sure yet if I should try to do something on those sides also.

cord bag 1

I may have gone a little picture happy... expect more posts soon. Exciting, huh? I may just "accidentally" "forget" to give the camera back.


  1. love the bag! Very unique! The belt idea is fantastic too.

    If it were me I would secure the belts because it will also give it more structure, but either way it is FAB!

  2. I love it exactly as it is. Nicely done!

  3. Very nice! I think the scrunching works.


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