Friday, March 28, 2008

my head hurts from banging it on my desk in frustration

A conversation I just had with a coworker about my boss: (I'm "L" coworker is "D")

L says:
boss came by "Hi ladies, how's it going today?" (us: We're swamped) "That's great" (Us: actually not great. It means 3 hours working at home last night and probably at least 6 on the weekend) "Great. So, I have one thing i need your help with. Alaska" (Us: The order J. has been on our case about for the last 2 hours? It's done) "So if you could do that one right away." (Us: It's done)
L says:
"Because we need to make sure it ships today." (us: It is DONE. It shipped from Houston) "Okay good it needs to go today" and walks away.
D says:
he's like the pointy-haired boss in Dilbert!

Exactly my friend. Exactly.

I think I need a different job. Anyone interested in paying me to sit around and do nothing make stuff? No?

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