Thursday, March 20, 2008

Big-Headedness alert:

I woke up this morning and was wandering online while having breakfast and saw my Felted Stone Rug (and my feet) featured on the Craftzine blog!!! This is as close to being famous as I'm gonna get, so... EEE

THANK YOU ALL for your comments on the rug! I had been planning to wait before I make another one, but the original is still in my house (will be given away very soon) and I keep looking at it, wishing it were mine for keeps. When I do make another, I'll take pictures of the process and progress so I can post a tutorial of sorts.

Also Thank You All for your comments on the fabric boxes. I did take pictures while making another one but didn't have a chance yet to actually write up a tutorial. It's coming.

ALSO I forgot to mention a while ago: I had a nice note from Shayne at Geek Crafts telling me that they were featuring my Transformers Toque on their site. The site is really fun, with all kinds of Geekyness to enjoy (last week was Pac-Man Week... ). Thanks Shayne!

Okay. I think this is probably my one and only Rock-Star (as it were) moment of my life so I've enjoyed it. Now to finish getting ready and go to work.... So, no takers on the $400 a box offer? I'll give you a deal: 2 for $600.


  1. It's a great looking rug! Enjoy your (first) moment of rockstar-like fame.

  2. The Creativity is strong with you, says Yoda. :) Craftzine is awesome, and when I saw your rug on it I had my own little squee session for you. :)

  3. FAME! (Sing it like Irene Cara!)

    You totally deserve it! Don't forget I (virtually) knew you when!!!


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