Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fabric Boxes

I don't know about you, but I love storage "solutions". I could spend hours in a store that sells them. I also have a lot (A LOT) of yarn and fabric both of which create storage problems.

I've been wanting to make fabric boxes for some time now. I've seen ones I like here and there but always thought "I could make those" but hadn't ever tried. I have Amy Butler's In Stitches, but hadn't attempted her boxes (I have trouble sewing a tube onto a square bottom... I should work on that). So, I've been experimenting with simpler methods.

Attempt #1
Fabric storage box
Outer fabric was a remnant from Ikea. Inner was some cotton from the stash pile. I sewed each of the ends and sides separately and then inserted a piece of corrugated plastic. I then sewed the pieces to the bottom and hand stitched the corners. I like how it turned out. I may try this one again but will need to be more careful about making sure all my pieces fit (had to finesse it a bit).

Attempt #2
Fabric storage box
I used cotton tea towels (new) for both the inner and the outer fabric. It's not finished at the top edges, but I'm happy with how sturdy it is and the overall construction.

Attempt #3
Fabric box
Outer fabric is a remnant from Ikea (love their fabric!) and the inner is cotton from stash. I had started out to make this one in the same way as Attempt #2, with the folds overlapping on the ends, but due to my inability to measure accurately, that didn't work. Which led to the happy accident of the mitred square effect on the sides. So, yay.

I will definitely be making more of these, they're a fairly satisfying project. One day this past week I was having one of those days when I couldn't seem to actually accomplish anything at work. I was getting more and more frustrated and all I could think was that I needed to be able to start and finish something and feel like I had accomplished something. I came home and made the 2nd and 3rd boxes. By the time I was done, all the stress I had been accumulating was gone (well, that day's allotment anyway). Funny how that is...

Anyone want to pay me $400 a box so I can do this for a living?

I'm planning to work on a tutorial when I make the next box(es). I'll put it up here when it's complete


  1. Hahaha! That comment about the $400 a box really hits home. People always ask me why I don't sell my sweaters. I ask them if they're willing to pay $1000 a sweater. Actually, that would be a bargain, since my usual rate is $250 and hour (I'm a lawyer).

  2. A tutorial would be great! I can never have too many storage "solutions."

    I LOVE the rug! I saw it on craft and thought it was awesome. What a cool gift!


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