Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fabric hangover....

I think the best way to describe this past weekend would be: Fabric Bender.
(Note: I've been trying to get this post written for 2 days. I'm on vacation and I keep getting distracted, thinking of other things to do... sorry)

Friday evening I finished turning all the fabric circles rightside out for my niece's blanket. I sewed them together and now all that remains is the mind-numbing process of hand stitching to tack down the edges of the circles.

Preslee's blanket in progress

Preslee's blanket back

I used the tutorial from Sunshine's Creations for Mock Cathedral Windows. The fabrics are mostly fat quarters and a few scraps.

Turns out tacking down 4 circular edges each on 56 circle/squares takes some time. Especially when a person keeps getting distracted....

Then, still Friday evening, I copied a tank top I have and sewed this from the pillow case from a set of t-shirt sheets I bought for the fabric.

tank top 2 dyed

That took me up until about 12:30am...

Saturday, I started a knitting project (no pic yet... )(yes I still knit)(sheesh). Then I suddenly decided I wanted to dye the shirt I made Friday, so I did that (see above pic). Then I wanted to try reconstructing a t-shirt I never wore, so I made new jammies.


The shorts are from the t-shirt sheets. I didn't have a pattern for either, but I did borrow schematics from the shorts in the summer 2005 Interweave Knits.

Then I liked that one so much I made another:
Reconstructed t-shirt

Made from an old white t-shirt I never wore. I dyed it using a method I call "way-too-lazy-to-do-it-properly" method:
I soaked the fabric, put it in a microwaveable bowl, filled the bowl with water, sprinkled dye powder on the water, didn't stir it and microwaved it for 2 sets of 3 minutes on high.

I really liked the results. Then I noticed the back:

recon t-shirt back

I don't know if you can see the skull there, but it was completely unintentional...

Sunday I made another copy of the tank top from Friday. While working on that top tragedy struck.

Photo HERE. I figured you should be warned before you see the picture. It's not for the faint of heart. Maybe. Depends on how you feel about sewing injuries involving needles. And fingers.

Somehow I managed to get my finger while I was zigzaging my edges. I thought I had just pinched it so I instinctively put it in my mouth, which scratched my lip, which is how I realized I had a needle through my finger.

Amazingly, it's totally fine now. I have a couple of spots where the needle went through, but other than that, nothing! That doesn't mean I didn't almost faint at the time.

And, I finished the shirt
Tank top

Back to the fabric bender:

I had been wanting to make a twirly skirt for my friend's daughter for a while, so I started figuring that out. I wanted to use fabric in stash, so I planned to make a tiered skirt. Then I got the idea to do a patchwork skirt but I didn't have enough scraps to do the whole thing scrappy. I ended up using a combination of two different tutorials: the Tiered Skirt tutorial at Kuky Ideas and the Patchwork Circle Skirt from Just Tutes.

Tiered Patchwork skirt

It was very well received by my friend's daughter.
Tiered patchwork skirt in use
Her exact words were "Lori, I LOVE my skirt! I love my skirt Lori. I LOVE my skirt!! I love the skirt you made me." off and on all day yesterday... I love when someone loves things I make for them!!

Now I have a couple of little sundresses in progress for my sister's little girl. I haven't seen them since Christmas, but I'll get to see them on Friday. I got some cute cotton prints on sale at Walmart and I'm planning to sew up a bunch of baby sized sundresses for both of my baby nieces.

And now, I need to work on the blanket. Unless I can think of something else to distract me. Like my knitting. Or Harry Potter. Or a sundress....


  1. You know you're a hardcore blogger when you find your camera to take a picture of a needle through your finger to post it instead of immediately removing it. Maybe you just have your camera in an easily accessible spot.

  2. I think your quilt is coming out lovely you do know that is your sewing machine has fancy stitches you can use those to tack down the edges of the circles also use differnt or varigated threads for each row adds a nice touch too.
    Good luck

  3. That's a heck of a fabric bender - at least you have a lot to show for it! Your quilt is gorgeous, I love it! I've been wanting to try that method for a long time as a hand project to have around. I keep thinking I should by a circle cutter first. Where is my DIY spirit?

  4. Holy $%#@! I've always had a fear of getting my finger run over with the sewing machine needle, but so far (knock on wood) it hasn't happened. Your quilt and skirt are gorgeous!
    By the way, I just found your blog the other day when I did a search for the Vogue Knitting Side Tie Vest that I'm working on.

  5. I love the "subtitle" to your blog! I feel the same way about my own hobbies. Sorry about your finger, I can relate--usually mine is with a leather needle, though.

    Feel free to check out my thoughts and how-tos on crafts too!

  6. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  7. woah mama!!! im not gonna click that gore shot BUT your lazy tie dye technique is AWESOME and i love your tank top - WOW! thank sooo much for sharing. feel better little finger!

    <3 erin

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  8. the skirt you made that sweet little girl is just perfect! I want to make one for mine, thanks for the links and inspiration.

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