Thursday, July 26, 2007

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Sleeveless top

I have this, er, phobia about cutting into "good" cloth. I'm always afraid that I'll wreck it somehow. Cloth out of the remnant bin? no problem. Fat quarters? no problem. Recycled cloth from thrifted clothing? no problem. But somehow, if I have gone to the fabric store, picked out material, taken it to the cutting table, had it cut, washed it, dried it, ironed it... Somehow it takes on this Big Deal Don't Wreck It thing.

This top is made from a dupatta that I had from when I lived in Pakistan. I had dyed it in a bucket that was too small, which resulted in an almost tie dyed look. The pattern is New Look 6515.

Sleeveless top (back)

I followed advice found on the internets and used the size closest to my measurements. In a perfect world, this would have worked out. As it was, If I had bothered to read all the instructions I didn't realize that the pattern had 4 1/2 inches of ease. Which is a fairly significant amount. Considering there is a zipper on the side seam to allow you to get into the top.

Sleeveless Top (side)

I worked on this all evening last night. If I had a proper table (or any sort of work surface) for cutting, it might have been quicker. When I finished it was about 12:30. I tried it on and was, well, in a word: disappointed. I followed the directions for finishing the arm cyes but it made the shoulders point out somehow. I took out the stitching I had done, redid it this afternoon and now I'm at least okay with it. It's not my favorite garment ever, it's definately too big. But, overall, I like it. Ish.

Last week, I used another dupatta to make a skirt:


I don't wear skirts that often, but it's so breezy feeling that I kind of think I might if it gets really hot again.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some sewing to do. I'm finally working on the blanket for my sister's little girl Preslee.

blanket pieces

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