Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Baby sundresses

Thanks everyone!

My first thought when I had my "accident", after I realized what I was looking at, was "I have to take a picture, someone has to see this." Okay, actually, the first thought was "I have to post this", then I realized how dorky that was and how I was setting myself up for mockery if/when I posted it. So, yeah. :D

As for the blanket, thanks! It's easy going, just a bit mind numbing. I kept getting distracted. I did try a couple of different methods by machine, but found it far more frustrating (plus, see description of Lori & the Zig Zag stitch and the finger pain... ). My sewing area is on the cramped side and my machine doesn't have a big enough opening to easily do machine quilting. I just need to sit down and actually do it. I'll be at my Mom's for the next few days and over the weekend, so the blanket is coming with me. I won't have the sewing machine/fabric stash to distract me so I should hopefully get a lot done on it.

I'll get to see my sister and her kids for the first time since Christmas! I'm excited. The only time I've seen my niece, Preslee, she slept the whole time. Granted, she was 1 month old, so I'll let it go. The blanket is for her, and I'm a little disappointed in myself that it's not done yet, but she doesn't know about it so she'll probably let it go. Plus she's not all that verbal yet...

But I did do a bunch of sewing for her (part of the distracting-me-from-the-blanket):

sundress 1

sundress 2

Are these cute or what? I used a pattern (gasp): New Look 6578 and some cotton prints I got at W*lm*rt. Really quick to make, I plan to do a couple for my other baby niece.

shirred sundress

A shirred sundress made using the tutorial from House on Hill Road.

This one took a couple of tries. Initially I wound the elastic thread onto the bobbin by hand, as suggested in the tutorial, but the first try left it too loose and the elastic just sort of lay there on the material. So I wound it with my bobbin winder and it worked perfectly. I think it depends on your machine.

Now that I have it sorted out, I plan to make a few more of these. My friend wanted a couple for her daughter too (the patchwork skirt girl).


  1. Great little dresses. It's so much fun sewing for babies.

  2. I've been reading your blog for a while, and I so enjoy all the different things you make! I'm amazed at how talented you are, and that you learned most (all?) of what you know by yourself.
    Really like the tank tops you made and the dresses are adorable - I have a few babies arriving this year in my DH's family that I'm crocheting some blankets for. Someday I hope to be able to just think of something I want to make and then do it, as you do - it's a rare talent.

  3. Hey girl, you've been sewing up a storm lately! Everything looks really pretty. :)


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