Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bored? At work? Me? Nah....

Yesterday's Craft magazine blog had link to The Peace of Paper's Kusadama Flower origami made with sticky notes. What was I supposed to do? Not make them? I had absolutely nothing work-related to do had a temporary lull in my hectic day so...

(exclusive surreptitious cell phone photos!)

In progress Super Exciting Action Shot! Ooohh... The fold! Ooohh! The Uhu glue*!

Completed flower. The paper clips are to help the Uhu glue do its bit.

Completed flower bottom

After I finished making my flower, I noticed this note. It was stuck up underneath the overhang on my desk (the reception desk). Not sure who it's from but... aww...
(one of my coworkers is convinced it's from a certain other co-worker. she senses
intrigue and secret romance in places it never existed...)

*How much fun is it to pronounce "Uhu Glue"? You can say it "Yoo Hoo Gloo" or "OOO Hoo Gloo". Either way! Fun!**
**I promise I wasn't ingesting any glue.

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