Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yes I have a problem.

Today I decided to sort through (some) of my projects on needles and decide what will be finished and what will be frogged. (some of) the items in the "to finish" queue, in no particular order:

Sock #2 of the pair. The first has been completed since March/April. I don't know why this second one has sat for so long. I knit the heel flap today (WOO). Also, the color in this photo is not accurate but my camera decided it was a fiery red rather than a deep red.

Scarf knit with some yarn I don't remember buying but I love the look and feel. I've started and frogged too many projects with this yarn and it WILL be knit and it will be something I love and use. It will. No pattern, just starting from a center point and knitting up in a shallow triangle with an openwork pattern I found somewhere. (these notes are super informative, huh?)

Again with the camera not seeing these tones properly. This is some handspun I finished last week. It had taken forever (measured in months) to spin because the roving was slightly matted from when I dyed it and I was frustrated by it. The color is actually more purpley. (Shut up spell check, that is so a word). Pattern is Lavalette from Through the Loops.

Sahara in Patons Bamboo Silk (or Silk Bamboo?). LOVE this yarn but growing bored with it. I seem to recall the same problem with my first Sahara... Must finish before end of summer as this will be sleeveless or with small cap sleeves.

Apres-Surf Hoodie in handspun. I'm knitting it in the round and will likely omit the hood. And when I say "I'm knitting it" I mean "I was knitting it although I haven't touched it other than for this photoshoot in over 3 months". ehem

So, of course there are other knitting projects that I haven't unearthed yet which should be finished, but my goal was to complete these projects before starting any new knitting projects. I say "was" because (and here is where the title comes into play) 2 hours after setting myself this goal I cast on a new project:

Although in my defense, it is a baby blanket for Craft Hope and it was because the blanket I wove turned out so horribly wonky as to be unusable and...

yes, I know, I have a problem.


  1. Well in your defense...there are definitely worse problems to have. Given, this addiction you are describing definitely will require some counseling. Good think you looked to your fellow addicts for consolation :O)

  2. Thanks so much for pointing towards Craft Hope. I have just finished a little newborn beanie and I'm now working on some matching booties. Hoping to have at least a few little hats to send.

    I stumbled on your blog while flipping through sites about sewing and knitting...and as someone who is often accused of being unfocused because of the wide range and number of craft projects I have has been refreshing to see I am not the only one!

  3. At least you're willing to fess up to your lingering projects. I can't even begin to wrap my brain around the number of items languishing away on needles. I suppose I should confront my knitting basket soon...


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