Thursday, July 09, 2009

Baby quilt top

Have you heard of Craft Hope? It's a project designed to share crafted gifts with those less fortunate around the world. I heard about it through Eren's blog This Vintage Chica. I didn't get it together in time to get a doll made for Project #2, but the stories of what has been made is so great.

Project #3 is blankies, beanies and booties for orphanages in India. I immediately began planning at least one woven blanket and one quilted blanket.

I'm always pretty bad at in progress photos, but I want to show off the quilt top I finished last night.

Baby quilt top

I found the herringbone directions somewhere on line (can't remember where or find the link) and used up a bunch of scraps from various niece sewing projects. It's 31" x 32" and turned out just how I was hoping. I'm not sure if I should use batting or maybe just a layer of cotton flannel to quilt it. I'll decide soon and try quilting it on my machine. I figure it's small enough that I can manage it in my small sewing space.

Anyone else taking part? What are you making if you are? If you're not, I encourage you to take a look and consider keeping it in mind. The deadline for this project is July 25th so there's not much time left.

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