Friday, July 31, 2009

Absence is supposed to make the heart fonder, right?

So, do you love me?

I keep thinking "Oh I should do a post about this" or "that" or "that other thing" or "this one time..." and then don't and then forget what this, that or the other were about and then weeks go by and a weird mossy growth forms on my blog and I have to clean it off each and every time I come here to post something and each time I grumble and think "why didn't I just do this sooner" and then I forget again what I came to post about, much like today.

What did I want to post about?

A list of possibilities:
-The Sahara that I almost finished and will now need to frog
-The overwhelming amount of items sent in to Craft Hope and how reading about it caused me to cry at work
-How I really want to try embroidery and whether that is just one more nail in the "what are you, 80?" coffin
-How this weekend will be a long weekend for no reason other than that Alberta wanted one and what Alberta wants, Alberta gets. It is called "Civic Holiday" on the calendar (sometimes called "Heritage Day" but I think "Civic Holiday" has a nice holiday vibe)(ha)
-about last weekend's trip to a "lake" where I was surprised to realize that "lake" doesn't always indicate "beach" and sometimes "beach" doesn't indicate "beach for more than 2 people at a time"

uh... maybe that was it.

I'll be back (honest) with actual posts and pictures and everything. honest.


  1. Don't worry--I do the same thing with my blog. I like the image of mossy growth though. LOL :)

  2. You honestly are not missing anything. The real world is way more exciting than the internet. Love your work with Craft Hope!


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