Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring? GAAAH...

It is not rare for Calgary to get a big dump of snow in April. Today was that day.

Blizzard April 10, 2008

The snow was heavy and wet and it was fairly warm which meant it was slushy and slippery on the road. Traffic was ridiculous. It took an hour longer than normal to get to work. The snow stopped around noon and it started melting. Then at 3:30 it started again. Near white-out conditions. Yuck.

In happier news:
My leftover sock yarn blanket is coming along nicely.
leftover blanket - pile of squares

Before blocking, the squares form a pyramid shape
leftover blanket - pre-blocking

Blocking makes everything lie flat and square. I just love how they look.
leftover blanket - blocking

This is my favorite one. Leftovers from socks knit with Claudia's Handpainted. Sadly there is only one square in this yarn.
leftover blanket - single square

I have decided, partly due to the amount of leftovers I currently have and partly due to not wanting to make myself completely insane, to knit up enough squares to make a 3' x 4' (or whatever I end up with when I have the leftovers knit up) center section from the leftovers and then surround it with bands of solid yarn in rounds (1 round beige, 1 round brown etc.). I have about 30 or so knit up right now and have leftovers to make at least 10 or so more.

Initially I had planned to piece them in straight rows like this:
leftover blanket

But lately, I've been more drawn to this idea:
leftover blanket

This layout will also let me use up ALL of the yarn as I can knit half and quarter squares (triangles) to square off the sides and corners.



  1. I love the diagonal arrangement, it's a great idea!

  2. wow that is super cool. I like the diagonal arrangement too!

  3. im in on the diagonal... it makes me think of those pictures that are made up of little pictures (know what i mean?)
    we had a few customers at work today from calgary (im in Golden)and man oh man were they unhappy about that snow!! the sun was shining brightly today in Golden though! (sorry, not to rub it in)

  4. oh yeah, the diagonal is much cooler than the first! my eyes definitely prefer that one :)

  5. Oh yeah diamonds! Squares are so old fashioned, the diamond shape is new and cool!


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