Monday, April 07, 2008

In Progress: Woven Baby Blanket

I stopped by Make One Yarns on Saturday and picked up a "real" heddle (reed? terminology?). I was very tempted by the presence of a Schact Flip, but I was strong and didn't buy it... (but I'm really thinking I need to buy a "real" loom... hmm)

I got home and started warping. The new heddle really makes the weaving go smoother.

baby blanket in progress

I used the Sirdar Snuggly that I had bought quite a while ago to make a blanket for my cousin's new baby. I wrapped 2 lengths about 20" wide and plan to kitchener stitch them together.

baby blanket in progress

The tension is a bit, um, wonky in places, so I'm hoping that I can work it out a bit as I go.

baby blanket in progress

... And I ended up a little short on the warp. I know where I went wrong (at the beginning) and I have a solution in mind.

baby blanket in progress

I'm going to finish off at the same place in the other 3 ends (three. of course) and then cut just above that. I plan to put a binding around the blanket. I like the way it looks with the finishing stitch but since it's intended for a baby I thought I should do something more sturdy.

To say that I'm addicted to this new (to me) craft is understating it. My spinning wheel is jealous (I bought it some new fiber to make up).

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  1. Dude, you rock! (mentally hitting the 'This Rocks' button in advance :)

    I don't know whether it's a reed or heddle either. I always just call it a heddle. People seem to know what I'm talking about. Clueless weavers unite!


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