Thursday, April 03, 2008

First completed Weaving project: Merino Shawl

Merino Shawl

I used 2 of the very first yarns that I spun to make this shawl. Somehow that seemed fitting. Also, the only way this thing could be more homemade would be if I raised and sheared the sheep myself: homemade loom, handdyed yarn (warp), hand spun yarn... haha

Merino Shawl

It's far from perfect. Far from "right" even.

Merino Shawl

But I love it.

Merino shawl

It's too loose in some areas. Too dense in others. The selvedges are a mess. It's too short to be usable really (47" by about 18")

Merino Shawl

I love it.

Thanks for all the encouragement about the loom! The rigid heddle I made from popsicle sticks worked but not well. I have another, hopefully better idea that I"m working on, but this weekend I plan to trek down to the only store I know of that sells weaving equipment and try* to buy a "real" rigid heddle.

I'm hooked. But you knew that would happen, didn't you?

*I say "try" because this is the same store where I *tried* to buy a spinning wheel last year and was told by the owner that there was no point in my buying one because I would just give up on it in a month or two. I'm not even kidding


  1. you did a great job... congratulations! i'm just grinning here, because this whole project is so organic!

    pssst.. i got the zipper in the hela! yay!

  2. awesome job! and very impressive for working on a homemade loom. i suggest going to shuttleworks down in dewinton. cal is pretty helpful when he's not freakishly chatty :)

  3. The shawl is gorgeous. I love the pic where it's held up to the light. It's a great feeling to have when you're responsible for a project pretty much 100% from start to finish.

    And the store you're going to go to? I can't believe people in retail sometimes. "Hey, how about you *not* spend money here?" ?? Freaks. If you change your mind about going to that store and don't mind waiting a gew days to get your heddle, The Woolery is where I order all of my weaving supplies. I don't have any complaints to make about them.

    Can't wait to see Loom 2.0, though. :)

  4. pssst.... we have folding rigid heddles in stock from Schacht.... pssssssstttttt.....


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