Sunday, April 20, 2008

Color blocked

If you've been following my projects for any length of time, you may have noticed that I tend to stick pretty closely to the same colors. Blues, Greens, Browns. It's not always a conscious choice, I just tend to be drawn to this palette.

So it should come as no real surprise that when I decided that I wanted to make some "art" (let's be honest here: glorified wall decoration is probably more accurate) for my bedroom that I ended up with aqua-ish and brown.

New paintings

I picked up some cheap canvases from Michaels and some acrylics. I wanted something graphic and not really representative of anything (although one looks like weaving... obsession coming through). There was a fourth but I'm not happy with it and I kind of like just the three on the wall.


After I started the fourth I realized it looked kind of like stocking stitch. I may put it up eventually but for now it's in time-out.

Further evidence of my color block:
Beautiful roving purchased from Etsy seller spinswim.

I am loving this roving. The colors are very intense and I can't wait for it to be yarn. I'm spinning it fairly thin, hoping for a sock-weight-ish. It will probably become a lace wrap/scarf. I think this color will make me happy in the dead of winter. It's making me happy now, what with all the snow and cold we're having. (still. ugh)

A month or so ago I cut up a bunch of old, worn out jeans. I originally was planning to make a braided rug but didn't like how it was turning out. So, I decided to sew the strips together to make a blanket (or possibly a duvet cover. Haven't decided yet).
Denim blanket in progress

I'm just overlapping the edges and sewing with a zigzag stitch. I'll need to trim some of the errant threads from the cut edges but I really like how it's turning out.

denim blanket in progress

I also started a shawl in some Fleece Artist Sea Wool I bought around Christmas. I was planning to make socks but decided it's so pretty and the sheen and drape are more suited for something drapey. I tend towards more utilitarian socks, it seemed a waste (gasp) of such nice yarn.

Feathered Rib Shawl in progress
I'm using a Feathered Rib stitch from a stitch dictionary. Not much to look at now, but I think it will be nice when done.

Finally, some more pics of the leftover blanket:
leftover squares in progress
I'm cheating a bit here and using some odd-ball sock yarn that isn't actually leftovers. Don't tell.

leftover tower

37 down... 20(or so) to go...


  1. I heart the denim duvet cover. I too have many jeans, and the thought of making another rag quilt didn't appeal, nor did the thought of cutting them into tiny strips to weave with (I don't have that kind of patience lately).

    The 4 canvas looked like tire tracks to me!

  2. I love that you're using the same colours often; it's great to see so many different shades, and how they all have different moods. The denim is looking amazing!

  3. What color block? ;)

    I immediately thought the last canvas looked like stockinette, too, even before you mentioned it. Maybe you could hang it in an adjoining bathroom or something?

  4. I do that too- stick with the same color palette. For me, it's blues and purples. I break out occasionally though, especially when I'm creating for other people.

  5. hi there! :D just wanted to say how amazed i am that you built your own loom. i like the fact it can be taken apart for travelling.. are you passing the weft through by hand, one warp after one warp? or do you just lift the heddle and you can pass the weft through...


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