Monday, August 20, 2007

How to Look for a Job

I thought I'd lay out the process of looking for work, as a resource for any other crafty sorts out there.

Step by step:
1. Get up bright and early. Seriously. If you don't get up bright and early you won't have time to fit everything in.
2. Make coffee. Do not skip this step. (well, unless you absolutely do not or can not drink coffee, in which case, why am I friends with you again?)(I'm kidding)(seriously, make the coffee)
3. Find and update your resume. This could take anywhere from 2 minutes to a good day and a half, depending on how well you organize your life.
4. Search for job postings online. Depending on your area of the world, this may not be the best option, in which case find job postings where ever they may be listed.
5. Drink some coffee. (again, unless you absolutely do not/can not... yada yada yada...)
6. Think about sewing/knitting/spinning something.
7. No! Focus. Find a job.
8. Plan/Chart a hat for your "friend" who has been asking for a specific hat for a long time. Attempt to keep this secret.
9. Make an appointment to meet with a headhunter/recruiter.
10. Realize you have no clothing suitable for working in a "downtown" type office due to working in construction related industry for the past 3 years.
11. Shower, dress.
12. go to the mall.
13. Drive around the mall parking lot for 20 minutes looking for parking. Swear a little as you try to figure out why the mall parking lot would be full at 2 pm on a Monday in August. Realize you are seeing a LOT of kids with their moms. Realize it's Back-To-School shopping time. Swear a little more.
14. Try to find SOMETHING that you can wear that is comfortable and doesn't make you look like you're trying to look like a 14 year old or a skank.
15. Get frustrated. Buy ONE pair of pants. Escape with your life.
16. Go to the yarn store. (Shut up. You would too if you had just barely survived Back-To-School crowds at the mall).
17. Start a wrap/throw/shawl for your Mom

18. Start on the "secret" hat for your "friend".

19. Go to meeting with recruiter. Leave feeling encouraged. Still not employed, but encouraged.
20. Work on a quilting project for your Mom.
I'm using scraps of my Dad's clothing to make a quilted cushion cover for my Mom. She has been using a cushion to prop up her side to help ease her breathing, and I thought maybe this would be like she has my Dad with her.

21. Make a new bag.*
I used a linen panel I got on sale at Ikea. I came up with the design for this style when I was on vacation. I"m not totally excited about the way I've got it closed at the moment, so I'm trying to come up with an alternative.

22. Repeat steps 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 11 as needed.
23. Make a pair of shorts using stashed fabric just because you want to see if you can.
Pattern: Ruby, available free from (pattern #6005 can be downloaded free on the site.)

24. Continue working on various projects while continuing repeating steps 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 11 as needed.

I hope this helps me the general crafting publlic in my their search for employment. Good Luck to me one and all!

*I just now realized I didn't ever post the pics of the bags I made on my vacation.
#1. IMG_0198
This one is sort of a slouch shape, lined with broadcloth. The outer fabric is heavy cotton from Ikea.

The closure.

There are 2 patch pockets inside and a strip to hang my keys.

#2. P8020002
Not the best picture, sorry. This bag was made from a panel of cotton fabric I found at Value Village. It is quilted, with the quilt backing acting as a lining. The inside has 2 patch pockets and the straps go all the way under the bag.

The inside seams are bound like the edges of a quilt.


  1. Those shorts looks awesome! The bags as well, of course, but I haven't seen that many personally made shorts online and they were a surprise. The quilt sounds like a wonderful gift.

  2. Those shorts are adorable! You continue to amaze me! - cobi

  3. Wow! You sure keep busy! You have inspired me to get my darn sewing machine fixed! Good luck on the job search! Oh, and the quilt is a very touching gift to your mom.

  4. Come work at the university! There's a bunch of open positions, and the dress code is somewhat relaxed. And then we could hang out at lunch and knit.


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