Thursday, August 23, 2007

Quilted Cushion Cover

My Mom starts chemo on Monday, Aug. 27. I will be going there this weekend to take her and I'll stay with her for a couple of days afterwards. I spent most of this week, when not looking for work, working on this cushion cover.

Last time I was home, Mom was using a cushion to prop herself up to help ease her breathing. I had been wanting to make her something using Dad's clothing for a while now, and this idea seemed to design itself. I love how it turned out.

cushion cover - front

I seem to always make projects more difficult and labor intensive than is necessary. I machine pieced this cushion cover, using scraps from my Dad's shirts and pants. I started out to machine quilt it, but was very frustrated with my machine. I need to get a walking foot! I ended up hand quilting it, and I love the results although it was a bit more complex than was necessary.

I used a heart block (from Bella Online) and a churndash square (from Quiltville. So many free scrappy quilt patterns!!) to make up the top.

cushion cover - back

The back of the cushion is the front of one of Dad's snap shirts. I left the pockets on, and I love how it looks.

Cushion cover - back open

The snaps are functional. I decided to use them so that the cushion inside can be inserted/removed.

cushion cover - mine?

If there wasn't such a good reason for giving this away, it would be staying with me... I'm hoping I have enough scraps left over to make one for myself.


  1. Fantastic! Makes me want to go and hug my dad. Love what you did. Your mother will be flabbergasted. Be prepared for the tears, because I am kinda teary right now and it is not even for me :O)

  2. Really, really cool. It's lovely to look at, and the thought and meaning behind it are even lovelier.

    Best wishes for your mom's recovery.

  3. What a beautiful gesture. Thank you for sharing that.

  4. That's so lovely and believe it will be appreciated so much.

    kiss and a hug (because you deserve it.)

  5. It's really lovely Lori. Your mom will really love it.

  6. Wow! It's beautiful, functional, and carries a load of meaning. It's an amazing piece of work.

  7. It turned out beautifully. The hand quilting only makes it more special, in my opinion.

  8. It's beautiful. I know your mom will love it.

  9. Very clever to use the pockets and the snaps from the shirt!


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