Monday, March 06, 2006

Uh, wait, that can't be right...

the model in this picture is probably not as pear-shaped as the image above would suggest. picture of a magazine picture. my bad

Feeling very proud of myself for making it to the armhole on the first (of 2) cabled front of my cardigan, I decided to take a look at the decrease directions to remind myself. I have 12 stitches in ribbing before the first cabled section. I bind off 6 stitches for the armpit (for lack of better vocabulary at the moment), then decrease 1 stitch each right side row 6 times. 12 stitches decreased. No problem.

But then I looked closer at the picture (ignore the pockets. I decided I don't need pockets on the front of my cabled cardigan. Especially breast pockets.)(that should bring a whole bunch of new googlers by to visit. Hi Googlers!):

I don't know if you can see it. The left hand edge (on the left front) of the celtic-knot-type cable section eventually becomes the selvedge for the front. There are no instructions, hints, suggestions etc. for how to adapt the cable chart to make this workable... argh. The knitters at Vogue Knitting obviously adapted the chart somehow, but didn't give ME any clue how to do it...

I plan to wing it. Cause I'm cr-azy that way.



  1. I must admit that when I was giving you cheerful news about the decreasing number of stitches at the ARMHOLE I was thinking OMG I hope that the cables aren't involved in the decreases. Boo! as my mother says,not much help from me I'm afraid, just some moral support, cheers Gillian

  2. It looks as though it might litterally be a matter of blocking. (God I HATE that!) Look at the way the sweater pulls at the buttons. Can it be that it will be that sproingy for you?

    Otherwise, is it possible that there was a correction to the pattern?

  3. Those damn vogue knitters being so cocky and not giving you more directions! You can do it, I've seen you come out of worse situations, you will survive this one too.

  4. I have no sage advice. I can only commiserate. This is the kind of problem that would make me throw a project aside for several weeks. I look forward to seeing your solution!


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