Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cable Front ... finally


(I actually finished this Thursday evening, but there wasn't much point in trying to take a picture before the weekend (i.e. in daylight) as the cables sort of vanished when photographed in the evening)

Purely by dumb luck and an absolute refusal to do any more math I figured out how to adapt the cable pattern for the arm edge:

Hopefully I can stumble across the same solution remember what I did for the second front.

I'm not going to mention the fact that I almost forgot about the neckline decreases, remembering to look at the directions exactly at the right spot!!!

I am taking a bit of a cable break for the moment. I frogged the Blackberry (scroll down if you want to see it) from back in January. I never could get the fronts to not balloon out and it was just annoying. I like the concept of that sweater, but it didn't work for me (in that yarn perhaps). The yarn is on its way to becoming a simple raglan-sleeved zip up cardigan/jacket.

And, I forgot to post pics of the scarf I made with the thick and thin that I dyed way back in January.

The funny thing about this scarf/color is that it makes me look like I have very blue eyes (I don't. They're hazel.)

(no, i didn't plan out what i was wearing to match the scarf. yes, i realize that i tend towards variations on the same color if/when i ever actually wear color. no, i probably won't change my color preferences any time soon.)


  1. I put things like your Blackberry on my knitting stall because it will look great on someone and they'll buy it and go home happily and you can recover the cost of the yarn plus 20-50%. Shame you don't live round the corner, I could take stuff on consignment!
    You did a brilliant job on the cable front!
    My blog hasn't made much headway but I haven't put in the time yet.
    I'll astonish everyone (all four readers!) soon.
    Cheers for now Gillian

  2. Wow, the cable front looks so amazing, you've done a fantastic job with that! And I do love the way your scarf accentuates your eyes!
    Best wishes from Austria!

  3. That's the wonderful thing about hazel eyes. You can really play them up with color! You are beautiful!!!!

    Wonderful job on the cables! My suggestion (because I didn't write down my changes once and went BONKERS trying to figure it out later), study the piece you did and write down instructions for yourself so that you can fly along with the second one!

  4. Wow, look at that model shot! Blue looks great on you. The cardi is going to be amazing. Are you sure you don't want to make some notes on when & how you do your decreases? I always think I remember but then I never do. But my memory is terrible anyway, so never mind :-)

  5. That's a great shot of you! Blue is good. Stay with blue. I also love how your cables are progressing. Gorgeous.

  6. Everything looks great! Most impressive.

  7. Hey! I got the picture bit to work. I have more than one pic on my latest blog. It was just a matter of patience and time. Thanks so much, Gillian


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