Monday, October 17, 2005

Smack Down in 'da' Crib

or, "Teeny Tiny Hoodies in Action"

I finally got to meet my brand new nephews this past weekend! And, the teeny tiny hoodies are EXACTLY the right size for them right now! whew! Good thing I didn't wait to send them...

So, I present to you: The Smack Down

Nicholas (left): Get out of my face! I'm gonna cry and then you'll be in trouble.
Logan (right): Oh yeah? Bring it!

Logan: How you like that?

Nicholas: OH, it is ON!!

(I don't think they were fighting, but it looked really funny!)

I had a nice time visiting with my brother and his wife and the boys. My brother and I educated the boys on how to be a former-Saskatchewan-resident living in Alberta (i.e. ALWAYS cheer for the Riders) and how to yell at the TV and question the coaches' decisions late in the 4th quarter. (seriously, you had the chance to go for the tie and into OT, why WHY would you try for the really long field goal instead??? WHY??)


I didn't remember to get a picture of them with their other knitted things on, but my sister-in-law and brother said that they really like them. It's nice when people are really appreciative when you make things for them!

Later, I'll tell you about the sweater I made myself (stealthily) and why I seem to continually make the same mistakes.

Tschus! (that's for you Kimberley!)


  1. haha, that is very cute! It's wonderful that your SIL appreciates your handknits.

  2. Those two are adorable, the babies are really cute too. :)
    Bis bald!! :)))

  3. they are ADORABLE! babies and sweaters :) wonderful job on them, and the post had me cracking up!


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