Monday, October 17, 2005

I never learn

So I made this v-neck sweater (finished a few days ago. didn't tell you I was knitting it. too boring) (comfy, exactly what i wanted, but boring) (okay, you dragged it out of me. i forgot to post about it. i'm really sorry. but honestly, photos of a dark brown stocking stitch v-neck knit in the round, not super-exciting blog reading.)

Okay, so here it is:

So, the "i never learn" portion of today's post is this: I have this strange inability to make sweaters long enough for myself! I measure, I measure while I'm knitting, I hold the sweater up to me, somehow, they are never long enough. While I am knitting, I am aware that this will probably happen again, but still, somehow I don't manage to correct the problem. Partly, I think that I end up just being a little lazy impatient and want to get on with it. So, anyway, this sweater, while it fit perfectly in the arms, was really REALLY short in the body. I'm short-waisted and it came to where my natural waist is (not attractive) so I soaked it and pulled it into, what I hoped would be, the right length. Then I tried it on (above) and it was STILL too short.

So, I did this:

With the help of seventyjillion pins I got the thing into the size/shape I wanted it to be and steam blocked it like it was goin out of style (insert more appropriate/funnier colloquialism here).

Then, it looked like this:

same white t-shirt underneath

Much better. It still could use more length, so when I wash it I'll see what I can do in that regard.

But in keeping with the "I never learn" theme, today at work I noticed this:

I realize there is a strong possibility that I am either:
a. insane
b. really really overly picky compulsive detail oriented
and that I am the ONLY person who will notice/care
but, the ribbing on the sleeves is not the same length!! argh.

(it's not just the picture, I measured)(it's only about 1/2 a centimeter, but STILL)

Pattern: um... There wasn't really a pattern. I used the bottom ribbing and body from Knitty's Leftovers and just winged it for the sleeves and v-neck. Sleeves and body knit in the round (yay for 12" circular needles!) and then joined to do raglan decreases.
Peruvian Highland Wool from
love love love this yarn. inexpensive and nice to work with


  1. The sweater turned out so nice and comfy-looking. Have you counted the actual stitches? In the picture it only looks longer to me because the bottom sleeve ribbing is farther to the right than the top.

  2. The sweater looks great, and what a blocking job! You know, until I read that one ribbing was longer than the other I had no idea why that picture was don't stress no one will know...then again now they will, won't they?

  3. Because I might POSSIBLY have a SLIGHT case of OCD, I did count the rounds of the ribbing (but not until Steph suggested it). There are 29 rounds on one sleeve and 25 on the other. Yes. When I knit the first sleeve, I forgot to start counting rounds and figured that I knew how many I had knit already, since it was only "a few". oops.

    I'm glad you like it, and I will attempt another one. The plain v-neck is my absolute favorite sweater shape.

    PS is it bad blog etiquette for me to reply in my own comments?

  4. If it's bad etiquette to comment in your own comments then I'm guilty of it, too. I love that V-neck sweater! Aren't those boring sweaters the best?? They go with everything and knit up fast. I'm anal when it comes to sleeves and pants being the same length. I always count rows, otherwise it drives me nuts. That's probably why it takes me so long to knit a sweater, I'm counting the rows for the 20,000th time to make sure I'm on track. By the way, I really don't think anything you've done is boring!!

  5. that is a great sweater! the v-neck is so flattering...i'm amazed at the difference blocking made! that is truly amazing!!!!
    the uneven-ness would bother me, too, but then again, it's one of those things that give the sweater "character." you can't buy that from a store. :)


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