Thursday, August 04, 2005

so close...

I've started to feel like I have it together at my job. I'm starting to understand what goes with what in the product lines, understanding the different pseudonyms for product that customers have, starting to build rapport with frequent customers. Anytime I'm feeling like this, inevitably, reality rises up to kick me in the butt and knock me down a peg.

Take today for example: 2 guys from one of our biggest customers come in for some equipment. I knew enough about what they were asking for, even though they didn't use the correct names for it, to be able to clarify what, specifically they needed. I knew where it was in the warehouse. I knew the part numbers and was able to make small talk (not easy for me). I was kicking butt at my job (customer service/inside sales/reception etc).

They left and I was sitting at my desk. I suddenly realized that something wasn't right. I looked down at my lap and realized

wait for it...

My fly was open.

(I'll wait while you laugh for a while).

Did I mention that these guys were not only about my age, no visible wedding rings, funny, polite, not knuckle-dragging-field guys but that they were borderline hot guys? No, really. I see a lot of guys at work in the course of a week, and these guys were definately make-you-look-twice hot. Not the usual for our office.

And my fly was open.

So, right away I go through that panic-thought process:
-Did I stand in a way that would have caused it to gap?
-Did I lift my arms at all? (my shirt covered it mostly)
-When I sat down would it have been obvious?

I mean, this is humiliating enough, even if they were NOT hot guys. But, well, you know. Life. It likes to kick me in the butt.

Yes. I am the coolest person you know.


I will probably have some pics of *ehem* UFOs tomorrow. (yes plural)

But, in the meantime, another anecdote from work, this time not so humiliating.

I was wearing the dead-boring but oh-so-comfortable gray sweater at work yesterday. I was talking to Boy "K" (I work with almost only boys. Some are older than me, some are younger, but they are all boys) and Boy "D" came up and said he liked my sweater. He asked me if I would make him one. I immediately quit the conversation with Boy "K" about inconsequential work matters and focussed on the possibility of knitting for money. I asked him if he was serious and he said that he was and wanted to know how much it would cost. Then Boy "K" chimed in saying he wants me to make him one too.

Now, even though there is a very real possibility that they weren't serious, I spent much of my afternoon thinking about yarn, patterns, etc. I don't have a significant other to knit for so I haven't ever knit a man's sweater. Also, I've been thinking, not entirely seriously, about a "If you knit it, he will come" philosophy. A "Boyfriend Sweater Curse" in reverse idea. If I knit a sweater for a man, would he appear and fill the sweater?

So, later in the afternoon Boy "D" asked me again about it. I told him that I would need to know colors, what type of fibre, he would have to look at patterns, etc. He interrupted me and said "No, I want you to make one exactly like that one". I said "Boy 'D'" (I actually called him by his name, but for continuity... ) "Boy 'D'," I said, "this is a fairly girly sweater." He turned bright red and said "Oh, I guess I should have told you it's for a girl."

I didn't know he had a girlfriend! Silly boy. He wouldn't tell me anything about her. How am I supposed to knit a sweater for a girl I've never seen??? I'll look into yarn and come up with some ideas. I have no idea how much to charge for it either. Some people get that hand-made garments are worth more, but some people think "I could just buy one for half that."


Oh, BTW, about the whole "If you knit it he will come" thing... When Boy "K" said he wanted a sweater too, I was trying not to grin like a fool. I had such a crush on him when I started working there!!

(I've mentioned that I'm a dork, right?)

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  1. I love your stories. I'm catching up on reading blogs-I've been on vacation and I love your fly down story. Don't worry it's happened to us all. I am a teacher and about 5 years ago I was teaching my 9th grade class, puberty is the only thing going on with these kids, and noticed half way through the lesson that my fly was down. The girls in the front row keyed me in. How awful! I feel we've now bonded. ;)


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