Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i went, i laughed, i knit

I've been thinking that I need to start getting out more. I am becoming scary-obsessive-knitter-loaner-hermit-chick (maybe not scary, but definately the rest) and I need to start leaving my house for activities other than work and occasional food aquisition.

So, to that end, I left my apartment last evening! Yay me! I put down the knitting on Isis (OH, did I not tell you about Isis? She is the most ambitious lace thing I've ever tried. She will get her own post soon) and walked out the door. I got into my car and drove downtown. And looked for a parking spot for longer than it took me to get downtown. Fun times.

I got out of my car, walked to the bookstore that was my destination. I was out! I was downtown!

At this point I should explain something. I am shy. Like crazy, avoid going places, get physically ill with worry about being in a room full of strangers, shy. When I am in a situation where I have to go into a room full of strangers and meet new people, my reaction will be one of the following 2 options:
1. I will be quiet, which often seems to come across as "Snob girl who thinks she's too good for us" but which is actually "Scared girl who doesn't have anything meaningful to contribute and/or who feels really intimidated"
2. I will be chatty. Not pleasant-conversationalist-girl. I mean: so relieved to find something to talk about that I can NOT stop talking. I will often, at this point, be thinking "STOP TALKING RIGHT NOW" but I will be completely unable to stop myself.

So, I surprised myself by being excited about going out last night. I finally realized why I wasn't panicky about not having anyone to go with me. It must be like how Trekkies feel when they go to their first convention. "Finally, people who will get me. Who will understand that my interest in and love for this is NOT irrational or wierd." It felt like I would be totally accepted, no matter what.

Because, as you know, I went to see the Yarn Harlot speak. I laughed so hard. I actually met other knitters (well, I talked to a couple of other knitters. I didn't jump outside my shell that much.)

So, my big get-away-from-the-apartment-and-all-the-yarn evening actually wasn't getting away from knitting, but at least I went out to do it, right? I worked on the sleeve for my Hourglass sweater. Totally mindless knitting. Round and around... Perfect for keeping the hands busy while the brain is working.

I don't go to a knitting group or a stitch-n-bitch or anything, so I've never been in a room full of people knitting. It was so great. It was like a secret club that anyone could join. The girl sitting next to me asked me what I was working on and I said "The hourglass sweater" and she knew what I was talking about. She told me she was knitting Mariah and I knew what she meant. It was ... awesome (napolean dynamite's voice is in my head as I type that.)

I also didn't get my book signed, or actually meet Stephanie, mostly because there was a huge long line and I didn't want to impose (so Canadian, right?) and, probably the biggest reason was that the long line would have been keeping me from getting home to work on ISIS!!! (I'll show you later I promise).

The obligatory pics:
blogging me blogging you

embarass the bookstore guy with the sock and its groupies

sorry they're so dark...

***BTW, Simone (I think that was your name) knitting Mariah out of that beautiful teal yarn? If you ever happen by here, I'm sorry about the crazy-chatty-cathyness! I was trying so hard not to run-off at the mouth. I hope I didn't scare you. Also, if you come by here, could you remind me again what the wool was that you were knitting with?

***Also BTW, (I didn't get your name) Girl knitting the beautiful crossed stitch scarf with the beautiful dark brown/copper-y yarn. If YOU end up coming by here, say Hi. Sorry I didn't introduce myself. Too much going on in the old brain. (I was the one who wanted to see what you were working on and ran off at the mouth about it and wouldn't stop talking.)(also, I was knitting a sleeve in green cotton)(hi)


  1. Lori,

    It's Shelby - the one with the beautiful yarn from Art Fibers working on the totally-easy-so-I-could-concentrate-on-the-Harlot-speak scarf. Thanks for jumping up and saying "hi". You were totally sweet and friendly - it was great to meet you and check out other knitters great and inspiring work. Look forward to seeing progress on the sweater!

  2. AIGH! I miss reading for a week and I miss an IRL. Sounds like fun. Don't be shy. If I was there I would have been very happy to meet you!

  3. Your stories are hilarious. It's like reading a letter from my sister(she's a marvelous writer as well). Thank you.
    I like to knit small projects because they are easy to transport and they fill time when you have to just sit and wait. I'm not very good so I do easy things. I had my eye on the Lion's Brand Micro spun yarn but haven't seen any patterns I liked for it. What did you use it for?


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