Thursday, July 28, 2005

i AM a knit blogger. (yes i am)

A while ago I wrote about prerequisites for knit blogging. Kids, Husband/Significant other to knit for, and at least one finished Clapotis. I forgot one!


I have knit a pair of socks in chunky weight yarn, they aren't much use with shoes, but they're nice as slippers. I have knit a pair of worsted weight socks for my sister to wear in her steel toe shoes for work. I've knit a couple of pairs of fuzzy feet (felting! fun!) But I haven't knit socks with real sock yarn. The needles are so tiny, the yarn is so tiny... I'm a chicken with the sock yarn.

Until now.

The sock is still in progress and it is only one sock, but I feel like I've reached a knitting/blogging milestone. Of course there are pictures. Of course I plan to foist them on you all.

I am "cheating" a bit and using a 12" circular instead of dpns. I just can not get the hang of teeny dpns. The pic above is the sock with the ribbing done and most of the heel flap. I'm using bernat sox (cheap! acrylic/nylon! cheap!) in a rather boring grey (practical! boring!). I'm working the sock in the round using a US2/2.75mm needle, but for the flap I decided to use needles that my mom had that belonged to my grandma who apparently knit socks all the time. I wish I had known that, but I wasn't as, um, "interested" in (obsessed with) knitting when she was alive. I think i learned to knit through a combined effort of my mom and my Granny Bergen (mom's mom) when I was little. It's kind of cool to use her needles. They are a lot longer than the other dpns I have, I don't know why that is, but they are a little smaller than US0/2mm

The US2 looks HUGE compared to the teeny US0 in this pic!

I decided to use the smaller needles on the flap b/c I have noticed that my gauges is a lot looser on straight knitting than on circular. I don't know if you can tell from this pic of the heel (knit flat) and the beginning of the foot of the sock (knit circular)

The top of the pic was knit with the TEENY needles and the gauge is about 7 st/inch but the foot of the sock is about 7.5 st/inch! I don't know how that happened...

Anyway, this is how far I am now:

I'm showing you this because
1. I'm a little proud of myself for getting over the teeny yarn/teeny needles fear
2. If I show you, maybe I will feel obligated to update my progress (aren't you excited? more boring! gray! sock!)
3. I don't have any other knitting pics to show today. I forgot to upload other stuff to flickr...

If I can manage to actually make a pair of socks (these will probably go to my mom, who can't wear wool) I hereby promise to attempt socks with fun sock yarn! self-patterning! superwash wool! fun colors! for me!

Now I should knit some more so that the next picture doesn't look exacly the same...

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