Saturday, July 09, 2005

nothing but the chirp of crickets and the gentle drone of the martha

Martha's Poncho Party???

Did anyone else get the Lionbrand newsletter?
I don't know which thought is haunting me more: that the poncho (and THIS poncho in particular) does not seem to be going away or the thought of the entire audience wearing "Martha's Poncho" (in my imagination, the martha ponchos are sitting staring blankly forward while there is some sort of mind control indoctrination thing going on. then they are sent out into the streets to martha-ize everything they see) Oh, yeah, OR the fact that Martha is starting a new show called: Martha


Now, before I am labelled a "Martha Hater" or one of those women who are threatened by Martha, let me explain myself.

I don't hate Martha, I don't even know her. I just think that it's kind of darkly funny that she got caught doing whatever it was that she was doing, and she went to "jail" when there are so many people out there who do so much worse, don't get caught/and/or stay out of jail by some fancy legal manouverings. I wanted to see what she would craft with limited resources. I think that would have been interesting: is Martha still "MARTHA STEWART" if she doesn't have access to all the high falutin' ingredients and craft supplies?

Which brings me to my second point. I used to buy the magazines. I got some good ideas out of them, but i NEVER EVER purchased the high price ingredients or supplies that she (in this case I am referring to the magazine, its editors and contributors as Martha. you know) listed, I always subbed for what I had on hand. I know that some people were intimidated and felt threatened (like if you can't do all these things that MARTHA can do, you are somehow less than...) but I didn't get that. I guess it's a difference between people who need instructions for the crafts that they do and those who view instructions as more "suggestions" or idea boosters.

My friend Robin and I were talking about this the other day. I have some friends who are very into stamping. The things that they make (cards, scrapbook pages, etc) are beautiful. Really. I have saved the cards my friend Cobi has made me (Hi Cobi!) and I think they are beautiful and creative, but stamping is not something I can get in to. It's too: "this goes here. Not there." I am, of course generalizing. But anyway, Robin and I are very similar in our approach to crafting pursuits. Much more of the: "oh, that looks interesting, I'm gonna try that. and if it works, Great, if not, oh well" variety. I don't think one or the other is better or worse. Sometimes I wish that I was more able to follow a pattern or have my finished project look like the picture, but it doesn't stress me out if it doesn't.

Oh, i guess if you don't get the newsletter I should 'splain (or at the very least cut and paste from the newsletter (actually the newsletter cut and pasted from the letter from Martha's people):

We would like to cordially invite you to be a part of Martha Stewart's new daytime television show MARTHA, which will debut nationwide on September 12th.
The MARTHA PONCHO SHOW will be LIVE in our New York City studio on Tuesday, September 13th 2005 at 10:00 A.M. with everyone in the audience wearing the poncho that they have made. "

Finally, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to show you this. I unearthed this in my closet when I was on the cleaning binge the other day. This, ehem, creation dates from late summer/early fall 2004, before Martha even WENT to prision, let alone when she was getting out, so I feel that I can still feel my sense of horror about the Martha Ponchos. But I felt that I should show it to you. I just started crocheting until I had this (what what I thinking? I think I thought it would be cozy. This was way back when. Back when the poncho had not completely worn out its welcome.

so, here you have it: my pre-"martha goes to prison and wears a poncho to go home in"/"martha's poncho" craze-poncho

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