Monday, July 18, 2005

one of those days...

Ever have one of those days? You know, the day that seems to just keep dragging on, the mountain of papers grows higher, no matter how much you work at it, you just want to go HOME already...

So Friday turned into one of those days. I won't bore you with specifics (I know! I thought I'd give this a try instead of rehashing EVERY LITTLE DETAIL) but relatively minor things conspired to make me exhausted and just, well, sad on Friday afternoon. I finally got home, (well, I got home the same time I always do, it just felt like "finally") and checked my mail. I had a delivery notice from the post office. I could not think what it could possibly be, but an unexpected parcel is better than no parcel at all, in fact it's sometimes better than an expected parcel!

I braved the Chinook Centre parking lot (the postal outlet is in the mall) and braved the mall (I am not big on malls or crowds or shopping, although I love wandering in the mall to look at things and watch people... a paradox? a sure sign that I am two steps closer to crazy than most?) which was full of PEOPLE! Some of whom were dressed for Stampede, which always makes me laugh. Those guys in the Wranglers and the boots and the hat? That swagger is not the walk of a cowboy. That "swagger" is the walk of someone who is wearing new boots and whose feet are killing him (or, possibly, that of someone whose jeans are WAY TOO TIGHT). Plus, most of the people seemed to be in couples. I hate that. It's Friday evening and my big exciting outing is going to the mall to pick up a package. I am so hip and now and cool. You know. Cause I went home right after picking up my parcel. Cause I'm cool like that.

Anyway... I stopped at Chapters first and looked for a book that I wanted to get my niece and then drooled over the knitting books that I can't afford. Some of the patterns and pictures are just so beautiful but I just can't afford the books.

And then, I finally got to the post office and the postal worker brings out this box.

It's heavy. I couldn't figure out who/where it was from. Then I saw this:

I had totally forgotten that I had signed up for Crafter's Choice!!! Suddenly, my crappy day turned into the best day ever. I'm that easily swayed. Sad, really. But, it doesn't matter to me that i seem to be that maleable, because in the box was this (and this, for the price of $1.00 CDN (+shipping) totally makes many negative things not matter...):

left to right: Last Minute Knitted Gifts, Knitted Toys, Loop-d-Loop!!!!!!!!!

***Edit July 22/05: So, I had this post written and had published it on July 18. There was much more here about what I liked in the books, etc, as well as a picture of the incredibly boring cardigan and a description of said incredibly boring cardigan. I just realized today that, not only did my post vanish from the site, it had reverted to a saved draft in the edit list. So, I will continue on from here, pretending that this never happened.

You will never know how much more there could have been.

Is that a life lesson or what?? A cynical life lesson, perhaps, but a life lesson none the less.

Okay, so, because it is a finished object, and they are few and far between, I will show you this. But, before I do, I feel the following is not only appropriate, but perhaps necessary:

***WARNING*** Viewing the following picture could cause severe boredom resulting in a sudden urge to yawn, stretch and possibly even fall asleep. In rare cases viewing the following picture resulted in bruising to the forehead, caused by the forehead meeting the keyboard in a sudden onset of a sleeping or even unconscious state.***

Now that you have been warned, here it is. Basic, Sweatshirt grey, comfy, cozy, really long sleeves (yay). A utilitarian cardigan if ever there was one.

I hope you have access to good, strong coffee. It's that boring. And good, strong coffee is that good.

Part of the post that vanished had a pic (that I can't find now) of the beginnings of the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I decided to use the vegetable-looking yarn that I dyed to knit this. I'll see what I can do about a pic later... it looks kind of cool. I have the bottom cast on on one needle and i'm doing a sleeve on my 12" addi turbo.... love the 12" needle for sleeves!!! I either need to get more of those 12" needles or make all of my sweaters of a gauge that uses 7/4.5mm needles...

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  1. I like your sweater. Those simple sweaters are the best. I'm knitting a black minisweater right now because black goes with everything, but it's soo borring to knit with. Oh well, I live in Europe and black is here THE color to wear.


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