Monday, June 06, 2005

(insert non-pg language and throwing things here)

Today I was all set to blog about the fun weekend I had. Not super-cool exciting like the in-crowd have, but fun in the "i am such a craft-geek" sort of way. Very fun. You'd love it. It involved deconstructing clothing, making new stuff, picture taking in public places...

But, I'm far too distraught at the moment to tell you about my fun/geeky weekend. (okay, it was just the saturday mostly, but it felt like the whole weekend).

Why am I distraught? you ask. I will tell you.


This is why I am distraught. I have knit about 28" on my mom's poncho/wrap thing (yes, I started it again in another pattern and another yarn. Let's not speak of it.). I was JUST thinking how much I'm enjoying this pattern, due to the fact that it is simple (read: easy) and looks pretty and is moving along quickly. I got 12" done the first afternoon! Yippee.

Now, you knitter/crocheter/crafter types out there are probably saying to yourself "WHY would you have those thoughts Lori? WHY? You KNOW that only angers the fiber fates and they will wreak their vengance."

I know I'm asking myself that very question. WHY???

I discovered this monster hole while knitting away at work. It took every iota of self-control that I could find to not bang my head on my desk, swear, cry, and rip the knitting off the needles. You understand that feeling, right?

As I was staring (for upwards of 5 minutes) dumbstruck at my knitting, one of the guys came by. "Um. Is that big hole supposed to be there?" I almost burst into tears. I said that it was NOT supposed to be there and I was trying to figure out how to fix it. Actually, I was trying to figure out how HOW HOW HOW it happened! (it doesn't look like a dropped stitch, it's not unravelling. I don't get it.)

Then, sensing my despair, he tried to be helpful. "Could you just cut it below the hole and start from there?"

I literally stopped breathing for a second. I couldn't fathom what he meant. Cut the knitting? To fix a hole? What?

He sensed my confusion so he went on: "What do you do if you run out of yarn?" I asked what he meant and he said "Well, say you're knitting a sweater and you run out here" he held his hands up at about mid-abdomen. I told him that would indicate REALLY poor planning. I said you could just get more yarn and attach it. He said "Can you do that? Wouldn't people see it?" I explained that you can attach a new ball of yarn and hide it and that I could just take the knitting off the needles and unravel it to where the mistake is. He seemed relieved for me. aw.

By this time, my amusement at his attempts to understand the way of the needle and string had taken the edge off the pain and I could look at it rationally. I realized that the point where the hole begins seemed to be the beginning of a whole bunch of trouble, since the rest of the pattern is messed up at that point. I realized that I could try to thread in a lifeline at a row that wasn't messed up and start from there. I realized that I don't need to cry anymore.

For now anyway.

**Late breaking news**
(sadly not accompanied by pictures. my computer and my camera stopped talking to one another shortly after the above picture was uploaded. I'll post the pics when/if detente is acheived. think good thoughts)

I attempted to insert a lifeline but it is HARD to do in loosely knit lace. I ended up almost losing all of it. I finally was able to get ALL of my stitches back on the needles, in the right order, with no gaping holes.

Thank you for your (brief, considering this update accompanies the original story) concern.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

(oh yeah, if IF i can get the computer and camera in the same room for long enough to work things out tomorrow, I'll post pics of my super cool/moderately geeky saturday.)

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  1. please don't despair! These holes happen to all of us, they sneak up attack and before you know it there they are in the middle of your work at least 30 minutes below where your working. There is nothing you can do to protect yourself from these 'monsters' they come and go so undetected but if it helps we've all been there. Chin up, they usually stay at bay for a while after such a horrible attack.

    Can't wait for geeky weakend pics, my favorite weekends are geeky ones!


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