Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I wanna be a knit blogger.

I read a lot of knit blogs. It gives me something to do when I'm eating my lunch at my desk at work. Plus, they inspire projects, make me laugh and make me feel like I'm not so alone in my obsession. I'm not so good at commenting, but I think I should make more of an effort...

One thing I have noticed in my knitblogstalking is that there seem to be a few things that are prerequisites for knitbloggers.
1. a minimum of 1 (one) cat. More than one is preferable, but 1 is necessary.
2. a spouse/partner/significant other and/or children (minimum of 1)
3. at least 1 (one) completed clapotis.

Well. I have been worried that someone would discover my poser status and oust me from the knitblog world. I have no cat. No pet of any kind actually. i don't really like cats that much... shhh... I have no spouse/partner/significant other and/or children. I have no ...


I knit a clapotis this winter!!! Maybe there is hope. Maybe I can sneak past the censors.
I made it narrower than the pattern called for. I don't know what the yarn is. It was a mystery bag from walmart (eek) and didn't have any fibre content listed.

wanna close up? sure you do.

The yarn blocks somewhat, so I think there is probably some natural fibre in it. it has random flecks of yellow, pink and blue in it.

I have lots of kids in my life, just none of my own. I'll post pics of them when I have some that apply.

And, because I really really wanna be a knit blogger, I borrowed my mom's cat. She/He/It posed for me under duress. Actually, She/He/It didn't realize that She/He/It was being photographed at first. (I don't know Her/His/Its name. My niece has named Her/Him/It, but I don't remember the name.)

Then She/He/It looked me in the eye with a look that said "Who do you think you are? Oh, all right. Take the picture. Now leave me be."

So. Will that do? Can I be a knitblogger? I can invent a make-believe husband if you'd like. That actually might help me in other areas as well. "What's that? Will I go for a drink with you? No, I'm sorry my husband is waiting for me" ehem.

Okay. Enough of that. Now, for an update on the poncho. (because I know you are all just on the edges of your seats.)

The hole was here:

see it there? on the left? I started the knitting over there on the right. that was a lot of completed knitting. argh.

I almost didn't make it. I almost gave up on trying to get the stitches back on the needle. almost.
But, I didn't:

And this time, I used the brains that I had found along the way and installed this:

Can you see how the lifeline is in a wave? When I was trying to fix the knitting before I took it off the needles, I was trying to pick out a row below the hole. But, due to the wave effect of the fern lace, it was not possible. resulting in even more non-pg language and near distruction.

So. Thank you for joining me for this trip through the reasons why I should be a knit blogger and my relief over my knitting "triumph". See you next time.


  1. Hey no problem you knit blogger, I was once a single knitter and crafter. I think I started knitting at birth and sewing soon after that and amazingly enough my husband I met 23 years later. This may happen to you someday but until then enjoy the time without hubby and kids with your knitting!! My knitting time is very rare and something I have to fight for.
    As far as the cats go, I think I was born with them. Oh well. Love your scarf, I don't have one of those.

  2. That is hilarious!!! I guess it's true about the criteria for knit blogging... I have a cat, a significant other, and... no, wait! No clapotis! Yikes!!! I should get on that... :)


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