Thursday, October 18, 2012

Peg People

I thought I'd start off my "what I made" posts with one of my favorite things I've made in a really long time. As is my tradition I start off with a seemingly unrelated story.

This spring, my younger brother & his family made the decision to take a position with his company in Houston, Texas. They would be driving down when it came time to move and I offered to go with them to share the driving and spend time with them (and have a bit of a vacation). (We drove from Okotoks, just south of Calgary, Alberta to Houston in 5 days. It was awesome. And a bit tiring.) Because I am me, I had to make something for my nephews & niece before the trip.

I'm not exactly sure how I settled on Peg People, but I probably saw something on a blog that inspired the obsession idea. I found a couple of small packages of pegs at Michaels and started painting. (I ended up buying a bulk bag of pegs from an online supplier out of Ontario: Stockade)

Armed with Google Image searches I sketched a quick outline of what I wanted on the peg in pencil and then painted with craft acrylics. Each peg person got 2 coats of varnish to finish off.

It started with Spider Man. (One of my twin nephews has been OBSESSED with Spider Man since he was about 2 (possibly earlier). If you sit still long enough you will hear a long treatise on various aspects of the Spider Man world and the right and wrong of his actions etc.) From there I ended up making some more of the Avengers (the boys had just seen and loved the movie) and Black Spider Man (AKA Venom).

Avengers & Venom

For my princess obsessed niece I had to make princesses. This is where I ended up getting a little carried away. I decided to make a set each for my friends' daughters and then another set each for a coworker's daughters. It was a little spooky when they were all done.

The Army of Peg Princesses

For my friends' daughters I did a Mulan and for my niece & coworker's girls I did Jasmine.

(just realized I have Cinderella in the mosaic twice but imma leave it.)

Rapunzel - long hair


Rapunzel's hair wraps around her body and Ariel has a tail.

After I finished the super guys & princesses I decided to make a Boba Fett for The Boy's birthday. He is a Star Wars fan to say the least and is always looking for Boba Fett items. I like how this guy turned out and The Boy loved it. (for those new here The Boy is not my son)(I don't have kids)(or cats)(or, sadly, a dog).

Boba Fett

My friend Wen Shu's birthday is 2 days after The Boy's and she is a HUGE Mad Men fan (as am I). I decided to make her the Sterling Draper Cooper Price people (and Betty) for her birthday.

Mad Men

I love how they turned out. Joan has her gold pen and several of them are smoking (for SHAME).

I have more of these pegs and keep thinking of other ideas. I think next up will be some zombies (OHHHH are any of you Walking Dead fans?! I need to make sure I'm not knitting while I watch that show. or eating.)

I just remembered something about blogging. I never know how to end posts. Do I just stop talking? (This is also a problem in face to face interactions. I'm not so good at parties or other social situations) Imma just stop talking, er writing.

Thanks for stopping by & for all the welcoming comments yesterday. I missed you guys!

oh hey, whaddya know? I did figure out how to end it after all. Aaaaaand now I've messed that up.


  1. I'd better not let my six-year-old see these. He will want his own set of superheroes!

  2. Hilarious! I wish I was skilled/patient enought to make some of these, they're all kids of AWESOME!!


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