Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ribbed open cardigan

I'm so excited with how this turned out! It's the first item of clothing I've made with knits (ribbing actually) that I will wear.


(forgive the terrible quality of the photos. My camera has been on its last legs for a while.)

I altered the crew-neck t-shirt pattern from Sew U: The Home Stretch to copy a jersey cardigan I bought last winter.

It's not perfect, the sleeves are a bit too wide at the top and I'm not happy with my sewing in spots but BUT... it's a wearable garment. And it's almost exactly what I had pictured when I was working on it.


I serged the seams (love my new baby!) and sewed the hems with a double needle on my regular machine to mimic coverlock. (I think that's the right terminology) I found the ribbing harder to work with than I expected as it pulled out of shape in places when I was cutting but didn't realize until I went to sew it up. I managed to work it out but lesson learned there.

(the most accurate picture of the color)

I'm not a big fan of off white/white clothing for myself. I have a tendency to spill like a 2 year old with a plate of spaghetti. I am thinking about dyeing the cardigan but I'll see how I feel about it going forward. I have enough of this fabric left to make another one I think so maybe I'll dye the leftover instead.

Next up: the hoodie from Sew U and a pair of pants. I find it fascinating that the craft-center of my brain turns almost exclusively to sewing/fabric when spring comes around. Anyone else?


  1. yes i definitely sew more spring/summer clothes. i think it's because i'm more excited to wear cute clothes when it's not 10 degrees outside.

  2. I think it's very nice, be proud of yourself :)


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