Friday, April 03, 2009

Craft Craving

Today I want to leave work and go home and sew. Either by machine or by hand (the quilting on my quilt... or the hexagons that i started in the summer...). Do you ever get craft cravings like that? I get an idea and that's all I want to do. It takes over and won't be settled until I sit down and do that craft. Right now it's sewing. Tomorrow it might be spinning or weaving or knitting or building a canoe out of the tree outside my window.

If only I could indulge my cravings while earning a living (or indulge my cravings at my current job without losing my ability to earn a living...)...


I hope to have some pictures to post over the weekend. There's a bit of spinning. And i have a great idea for something I want to sew.

If only I could get home and do those things now. Sigh.


  1. What did you decide to work on last night and today? Sewing or _____?

    As far as indulging your cravings while earning a living: I wonder if you'd enjoy your craft as much if you have to do it to make money to live. I know I probably wouldn't but some people would... just a thought.

  2. I get those every day at work... :P

  3. I feel like that all the time! I hoe you're getting some good crafting time in this weekend!


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