Sunday, October 05, 2008

We need to talk...

broken options cable #3

Dear Options needle set*,
You know how much I love you. I love the whole set of you. The smooth needles with super sharp points, the joins, your case. I love how pliable your cables are and how easy you are to switch. In fact, I love you so much that almost all of your parts are in use at any given moment.

But, my dear Options, I think it's time for us both to admit we have a problem. I think it's time for us to take a step back. You see, this is the third time one of your cables has come apart on me in the middle of a project. Now, considering how many cables I have (a lot... 1 set of 2 in each size available) it's not that bad, but... well... I'm hurt and a little angry after you came apart on me on Saturday. I was in the middle of the back of my February Lady Sweater ** and you knew how much I wanted to finish it. You also know how much I hate the thought of having to save stitches in a lace pattern.

I just think I need some time. I will come back to you, you know I can't leave you. I know you don't mean to hurt me, but... I just think we need some space. You understand.

I do still want to be friends,


*Dear reader(s), please do not let my experience with these joins deter you if you are considering these needles. I LOVE them. I can't overstate that. They are great. In fact, after the first problem, Knit Picks sent me a replacement set immediately. Love them.
** I keep forgetting to post the in progress pics of my February Lady Sweater (you can get the free pdf from Flint Knits' blog on the linked page). I kettle dyed the yarn using some beige wool I got in a bag of mill ends from W*lm*rt a couple of years ago ($4.99 for a pound!!).
February Lady In Progress


  1. Oh, no. :( That happened to me with Knitpick Options - they came apart during a lace shawl, and I had a good five hundred stitches on the go. Knitpicks did send a replacement, but it didn't make up for the aggravation of trying to pick up those lost stitches.

  2. lol, yeah, that does sound like a bit of problem...

  3. The same thing happened to 2 of my Options cables. I just used some superglue & stuck the plastic part back in the metal piece. Hasn't come apart since.


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