Sunday, October 19, 2008

Flame Stitch Scarf

Flame Stitch scarf

In honor of the new Calgary Flames season (and to have something red to wear to the game on the 28th) I used a Flame Stitch lace pattern from a stitch dictionary and some leftover red yarn to make myself a new scarf.

Flame Stitch Scarf

(Also, check out my new bangs! My hair was WAY overdue for a cut).

ALSO, i finally finished the first of my Spiral Boot socks. I hope to start and possibly finish the second within a reasonable time period... ehem.

Spiral Boot Sock

I had about 5 yards of yarn left from the skein. whew. (Knit Picks Essential Kettle Dyed)

I need to focus on finishing up some of the random UFOs lying around, and I'm also thinking about Christmas (I know!! early!! well... for me it's early). What are you planning to knit/craft for your friends/loved ones? (or are you planning to knit/craft for Christmas?) I'm looking for inspiration.


  1. I was knitting Berroco's Michaela for my brother's fiance... their wedding was on the 11th. Now it will be a Christmas gift. Ugh. I'm always on the lookout for a good trigger-finger mitten pattern for my dad, too. A couple of felted mice for cat toys, and I think I'll be done for the holidays. The scarf (and the bangs) are awesome!


  2. I believe I'm doing Snowbird Mittens for the girls' teachers, and possibly a Flutter scarf for my mom. Sadly, most of my family has no appreciation for knit gifts. And luckily, most of my friends are knitters--so they get yarn for Christmas!

  3. That scarf is great!! Knitting anything other than a very very very simple scarf or pot holder is intimidating to me. That spiral sock is very cool.


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