Sunday, May 11, 2008

Losing track...

The other day on the phone, The Boy asked me what I was working on. I said I was seaming the squares for my Leftover blanket. He asked if that was the one that was a gift for my friend. I had to think for a minute what he was talking about and then I realized that I had started a felted blanket for a friend a while ago (I'll take pics soon) and had stalled out on it. I said no, this one was for me. He asked me how many blankets I'm working on and it got me thinking.

The answer: more than I realized.

-the Leftover blanket
-the felted blanket for my friend
-a gift for my Mom (which I will keep hidden here because my Mom is now able to read my blog! Everyone say Hi to my Mom!)
-the duvet cover/blanket out of denim strips
-a quilted duvet cover that I had totally forgotten that I started!

Yesterday morning, I woke up thinking I would work on the Leftover blanket for a while. Instead I felt like sewing so I got out the pieces for the quilted duvet cover. I started on it at 10:30, and suddenly it was 4:00 and I had this:

Duvet cover pieces

I'm using up a bunch of fabric that has been sitting in stash for too long. Some of it I got for really cheap at Value Village (like 2.5 meters for $3) and I can't see myself ever using it in anything else (why did I get it then? Um. $3 for 2.5 meters of uncut cotton? You would have bought it also)(Yes you would have).

Duvet cover square quilted
Because it's a duvet cover, I'm not using batting, so I'm quilting the pieced sections to each larger background piece. My plan is to minimize the number of seams that could face wear and tear, since the pieced area will not have a backing (or it might, i don't know. Maybe I should... )

Duvet cover square

I kind of think I should complete the blankets I have started before I start anything else. Ooh, except there's that top I've been wanting to make... Oh, and that cotton sweater I was thinking about... And...

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  1. i really like the swirl stitches! and i wanted to tell you that i too have fabric that i bought because of the price more than anything...and it truly is a dilema about which project to work on at any given time...


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