Sunday, May 18, 2008

(almost) FO: Duvet Cover

I finished the top for my duvet cover this evening! Yay!

duvet - almost complete

I'm really happy with it. It does further the color-blocked issue, but I'm okay with that.

I had some challenges with laying out the blocks
no room!
I don't have a lot of floor space and had to move some furniture around just to lay it out.

I also don't have a very big table (my sewing machine is on a desk-sized table)
no table...
so I ended up sitting on the top while pinning the rows of blocks to sew.

I would have a completed duvet cover, but the sheet that I planned to use for the back turned out to be exactly 4 inches too narrow... :( Oh well. This gives me some time to decide whether or not I should back the top and do some simple quilting for stability before I sew on the duvet cover backing. I'm still undecided on that one...


We're in the middle of the Victoria Day long weekend, and the weather has been amazing! Yay! It's finally spring. I spent the day yesterday with the Boy, doing some running around and took his dog to the park so he (the dog, not the Boy) could go for a swim in the river.

Late last night, I was dreaming that someone was telling me to answer the phone. I kept telling them it was nothing, but they were insisting that my phone was ringing and I should answer it. I woke up and my phone was ringing. At 2:45 am.

Now, I don't know about you, but my first thought when the phone rings that late is that there is something extremely serious going on that someone would have to call me that late.

I bolted from bed without thinking and got to the phone just as it stopped ringing. It was the Boy. The hell? He didn't leave a message and I went back to bed to try to get back to sleep. I was a bit annoyed, I couldn't figure out why he called and he didn't leave a message. I had just fallen back asleep when the phone rang again!! This time I answered it and there was no one there.

Apparently I called him back and left a message asking what was going on and why he was calling me. He saw that I had called in the middle of the night and did some investigating: He had forgotten to lock the keypad and had laid the phone on the floor to charge. The dog, sleeping nearby, had hit redial. Twice. Yay. Late night calls from the dog...


  1. wow that duvet cover came out WONDERFULLY!!! I love the color choices and the geometry.

    Good luck with the backing decisions.

  2. The duvet cover is gorgeous! The colors are fantastic and the circle/square design is really visually kewl!

  3. Love the duvet cover! And maybe the dog was just trying to thank you for the fun day he had. :)


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