Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Done! Finished Duvet Cover

Whew! Finally done!


I decided to back the top afterall. I figured if I'm going to this much trouble to make a duvet cover, I didn't want to risk having any of the seams come apart. I'm quite happy with the result.

I found a 100% cotton sateen sheet (for $11!!) at Zellers to use for the back of the duvet cover. The top is machine quilted "in the ditch". I think I may add buttons to the open end to close it (safety pins are doing the job right now).

Duvet cover

Surprisingly (ha) it matches my new "art"... :D


  1. AB..SO...LUTE...LY...GORGEOUS!!! Love it! Everything about it. Great Job!!!

  2. That's lovely.

    I use a snap setter for my duvet covers. It looks like a pair of pliers. I think Dritz makes it. It makes super quick closures.

  3. I love it! Such a great color palette.

  4. I love the duvet cover! Adorable! How I would love to make something like this, but that would involve re-learning how to thread my grandmother's sewing machine and figuring that whole bobbin situation out again and...

    ...who wants a snack?


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