Monday, January 28, 2008

Is 3 sweaters at once overkill?

In Celsius:

In Farenheit:

Do. Not. Want.

See there where it says "Feels Like"?  That's the wind chill.  That one up top says -49.  MINUS Forty Nine.  The one on the bottom???  I don't EVER want to see a 56 in the temp unless it's warm outside.  

Contemplating calling in "Too FREAKING Cold".  Wonder if that would go over.  


  1. Ha! That's what I'm definitely working from home today. It's not quite so bad in Lethbridge (current wind chill -43), but really, when you're in the minus 40s, I'm not sure it can ever be good.
    And I have to take the garbage out! WHY GOD WHY?? I'm going to need to put on 6 layers just to make it to the curb.

  2. DAMN!!! There are just no words to explain that. I would definitely call in.

  3. oh I forgot, I would call in AND THEN move! :O)

  4. My truck won't start this morning, AND i work outside; blech. that combo adds up to staying home and zworking on sweaters, and reading in bed. what did you decide to do?

  5. That is some intense weather! I don't think I'm tough enough to live someplace that cold.

  6. +56 is completely unacceptable to me. -56 is insane.

  7. I don't know how I stumbled across your blog (i think it was when I did a search for siwash on google) but then I saw your temps and thought we must be neighbours so I said hello from Edmonton!

  8. That's too cold!! I'd totally call in and then knit a sweater in front of the heater.

    Your fair isle bag is GORGEOUS by the way!


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