Sunday, January 27, 2008

Felted Fair Isle Bag

Fair Isle Bag

I've had this bag in my head for a while now. I've seen lots of other nice felted, fair isle type bags but nothing that was exactly what I was looking for. So...

Fair Isle Bag 2

Pattern: My own. I adapted a chart I found on Jessica Tromp's site I lined the inside with some plain fabric from stash. The base is reinforced with plastic canvas mesh cut to fit.
Yarn: 2 balls (exactly!) Galway Heather in dark green (color 701); 1 ball (about 5 meters left over) Galway in beige (color 112); 200 meters=100 grams
Finished dimensions: Base is 12" x 4"; 10" high. The side panels taper to 2" at the top.

Fair Isle Bag - interior

It turned out a bit larger than I had intended, but since I didn't swatch or really do any sort of calculations it's not overly surprising... I think it will be more of a go-to-work tote than a wallet-cell phone-kleenex small bag.

Fair Isle Bag 4


Yesterday afternoon it was about +3 Celsius (37 F). This afternoon it is -22 Celsius/-36 with windchill (-7F/-32F with windchill). Yay Calgary. ugh. Good thing I have all this wool...

Edit @ 10:37pm Sunday Jan 27/08
Just incase you thought I was exaggerating the current temps, it got MUCH colder

(screen grabs from The Weather Network)
Yes, that says MINUS 43C/MINUS 45F. Feel very sorry for me, for I live in a place with NO SNOW DAYS. EVER.


  1. Gorgeous. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love the plaited straps, great touch!

  2. Your bag is GORGEOUS! I actually gasped out loud at the pictures. I love it!

  3. Wow. That is just beautiful.

    Temperatures like that call for nothing more than hot cocoa and bed. And maybe some knitting.

  4. Really really lovely. Perfect colours.

  5. That bag is my favorite thing you've ever made. And that's saying something. Seriously, quit your job stay home (where it's toasty) and make high-end fair isle bags.

  6. That bag is AWESEOME. The lining looks really well-done. I'm getting ready to make a felted bag and that's the only part I'm not sure of. Yours looks great! :)


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