Thursday, December 27, 2007

The other side: Escape from Santa's Secret Sweatshop (pt. 1)

I've been meaning to post for quite some time now... Somehow I ended up getting sucked into Santa's Secret Sweatshop mode...

This year I was determined to NOT knit multiple whatevers for Christmas gifts. Last Year's frenzied knitting nearly turned me off the whole endeavor (knitting that is. Not so much Christmas) and this year I was not going to do that again.

See these? These are 3 pairs of slipper socks that I knit on commission for a guy at work. 3 pairs of slipper socks I started on Saturday, December 15 to be handed over before the 20th. 3 pairs of slipper socks I designed, charted, and knit starting December 15 and completed at noon on December 19th.

(In fairness to the guy from work, he did ask me about it at least 1 1/2 weeks earlier. The late timing was my bad).

I'm very happy with how they turned out, except for one minor area that I noticed after I had completed pair #2:
D'oh. Lesson(s) to learn from this photo:
1. Don't knit stranded colorwork when not paying attention
2. Don't knit stranded colorwork with The Boy leaning on your shoulder wanting you to pay attention to him.
3. Don't plan, chart, and knit 3 of the same stranded colorwork items within a 4 day period on a deadline.

Mostly though, I love how they turned out and plan to actually knit them again to make myself a pair.

I have more Christmas Crafting to post. Tune in next time to see Purple Haired Babies and Shape Shifted Sheets!


  1. Elf rights now! ;)

    Those are some lovely slippers!

  2. The slippers are lovely.

    Have you ever considered submitting your patterns to knit magazine?


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