Saturday, December 29, 2007

Escape from Santa's Secret Sweatshop (pt. 2)

Once I was finished with the commissioned slipper socks, I had to get moving on the actual Christmas gift making I had planned.

First up:
Christmas Stockings for my two youngest nieces. It should be noted that these represent the 8th and 9th stockings I've made for my nieces and nephews. Yes. 9. (Nine). I came up with the idea about 3 years ago, not long after we lost my Dad. I asked my Mom for some of his clothing that was too worn to be taken to the Salvation Army. At the time, I only (ha) had 5 to make. They are just a simple pieced top which is then machine quilted with some batting and a plain fabric back. Then I sewed the tops to a plain fabric back. The cuff is plain cotton doubled and I have made letters from polymer clay to spell out each of the names. (not shown). When I made the first ones I had never even thought of quilting and had no idea what I was doing. They turned out pretty good, considering, and I've since made 4 more. Unless there are some surprises coming, I'm pretty sure this is the end of the line for the stockings... ehem.

My next project was for my two smallest nieces also: (I have one more to make for my sister's little girl. I'm going to mail it later this week... if when I get it done)
Baby for Kaylee
I found several different sources for free rag-doll patterns online for inspiration and a template to make this little one. I love how she turned out. I decided to use the purple yarn for hair mostly because I thought it would be cute. The dress is reversible, the side showing right now matches a dress I made for Kaylee (the niece this doll went to) in the summer. She seemed to like the doll, but she also got really excited about the box, so I'm not too sure. (Kaylee is 10 months old so I'll let it slide)

Next up was a robe for my mom. I used the robe pattern from Amy Butler's In Stitches. The fabric is cotton flannel. I bought a couple of sets of double sheet sets at Zellers in the summer on sale and have used the fabric to make a robe for myself, this one for Mom and I have 2 more cut out for friend gifts (to be completed)(ehem)
Mom's Robe
I also "made" some soap (melt and pour) and some small bath bombs. I couldn't seem to find citric acid to make them from scratch, but I found a kit at Michael's which produced enough small bath bombs to have a few each for my mom and my 2 friends.

I have a few finished knitting objects that I've completed for myself (gasp!) to show off, and I have a Christmas gift from The Boy to show you, but those will wait for another time. In the spirit of Christmas, one of my nephews shared his cold with me. He's only 2 so I couldn't really explain to him that, while I admire his willingness to give and to share, I would have preferred something a little less achy and snotty. (ew)(sorry)

Must lie down. Finished object posting will resume tomorrow.
I just re-read this post and the grammar is awful. (and yet I do nothing to correct it) Please to excuse me. My head is not working so good. Better next time.

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