Monday, December 31, 2007

(Modified) Winter Sunrise Toque

The Thursday before Christmas, The Boy and I had planned to go to Zoo Lights, a massive light display set up every December at the Calgary Zoo. It had been fairly warm (for December in Canada) but the temperature suddenly dropped and the wind picked up just before he picked me up. At that point I realized with all the warm toques I make for other people, I didn't actually have a decently warm one for myself! We shivered our way through the light displays, making our way from one fire-pit to the next before we finally made it to the cafeteria for "hot chocolate" (mine was primarily warm chocolate syrup).

I knit this toque so that I would have something warm to wear the next time I needed to go out in the cold:
New Toque

I used stashed beige wool of unknown provenance and stashed Jaeger Shetland Aran for the blue. I borrowed the chart (and modified it for a larger gauge) from the Winter Sunrise Hat (link to the pdf pattern) pattern at Exercise before Knitting.

My new toque is very warm and cozy... I took it out for a test walk before the flu hit.

On the way to the Zoo Lights, we were listening to the radio and talking about music. I mentioned that I had been listening to Boney M's Christmas CD in my car all week. I was saying that when it comes on you can't help but sing along. He was laughing and I sang "Mary's Boy Child, Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day". He said "Is that what it's called?" I said "Mary's Boy Child? Yeah." He said "Really? Mary Boychuk?" I laughed so hard I nearly choked. I said "Yes, Mary and Joseph Boychuk gave birth to Jesus."

Happy New Year all. I plan to be horizontal from now until January 2, due to the ongoing flu that has taken over my life... ugh.

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