Sunday, September 23, 2007

more than meets the eye...

Autobot - the Good guys (for the uninitiated among us)

Back in June, I saw a Transformers knit toque (hat) on Craftster. I showed it to The Boy and he was, well, excited about it. To say he likes the Transformers would be a slight understatement. He hinted/asked/begged for one of his own. I played it quiet and said he might get one some day...

Meanwhile, I was charting furiously, searching for just the right images, trying to decide how to place the icons and what to do with the sides/stranded insides...

Decepticon - the Bad guys

I finally decided to do one icon on the "front" and one on the "back" so he could switch back and forth if he wants. The panels between were a simple dotted pattern alternating every row.

My favorite part though:
The inside reads: "More than meets the eye" (a line from the theme song).

His response? Jumping up and down excited. I don't think i've had that excited a reaction for a knitted gift ever! Kinda makes a person want to knit more gifts, you know?

Key quote: "I can wear it like THIS if I want to be good! or like THIS if I want to be bad!!! or like THIS if i want to be sneaky" then he made the transformers noise and turned it inside out. Aww. Transformers geek fan. So funny.

Pattern: My own. I am planning to put together the charts I used and make it available (probably by email unless someone can explain to me how to put up a pdf online for download?)(?)
Yarn: Lanett Superwash 100% merino (BTW: SO soft! I love this yarn!)


  1. Wow that is pretty damn cool!!! I love the transformers too. I love the way you put the words inside so it could "transform"! Gotta love geekiness.

  2. LOL - thanks for your comment Lori. :)
    That's an amazing hat!! Fab job... it's something my man would be very impressed with too.


  3. Thanks for the pattern. I modified mine a little so I could use size 5 needles, and it turned out really well. The transformer geek/fan I gave it to really enjoyed it. Thanks again!


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