Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm back. for now.

Today I am doing this
ahhh  sunday
(first new sock of the fall)
It's Sunday. It's football season. I'm tired. (Pronounce that: "TIE-Erd". For emphasis)

Last week, all week, I was here:
(Well, technically, I was here specifically just the one evening, but I was in the represented city all week)

Tomorrow I have to go back there, which was unexpected and not entirely what I wanted to do, but it's out of my hands. Luckily it looks like this

And this:
sunset at english bay 2
so it's not entirely a hardship.

(It should be noted that the place where I will ACTUALLY be is not actually right there. It's inland from there. But it's much closer to there than I am where I live normally)

I want to live here:
tree house

I worked on this:
dollar and a half

I got to the top of one of the sleeve caps and this is how much yarn I had left
(I had a brief moment of panic when I couldn't find the other ball of this yarn that i had brought with me.)(whew)

I came home to warm weather (apparently I missed out on the days of cool temps and frost warnings. darnit), trees turning colors and my "harvest" looking festive and autumn-y
fall 2
(they are not nearly as large as they appear in this picture... sigh)

I need to finish up the turn around on my packing, figure out again which knitting projects to take with me, confirm my flight and print a boarding pass (Thank you West Jet!) and try to get some sleep. I really do love to travel, but I'm definately not made for work-travel. If I am going to travel to a beautiful location I don't want to spend the bulk of my days in an office!


Mom Update:
After a rough first week of side effects from the chemo, Mom has started to really feel better. Her breathing is already improving, which is such an answer to prayer. She says that she hasn't had to be on the oxygen much at all in the last week and a half, compared to almost constantly prior to the first treatment. She has more energy and has just been feeling so much better all around (side effects aside) than she had been before the first treatment. She goes for the 2nd chemo treatment and an appointment with her Oncologist tomorrow (Monday Sept. 17) morning, so I imagine she will have some of the same side effects over the next week. It's just so reassuring to talk to her and hear her be "chipper" on the phone, after the discouraging down-slide in her breathing.

Thanks again for your prayers and notes of encouragement.


  1. Nice knitting! Good luck with the travelling, and it's good to hear your mom is feeling better.

  2. I've nominated you as a "Rockin' Girl Blogger." See my blog post at

  3. Great sock and great pictures. All the best for you and your mom!! Hugs!


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