Thursday, June 28, 2007

Update update

I've been meaning to write all week but thought I'd have some news by now. My time with my mom was good considering the circumstances. She came through the biopsy well, although she was feeling very worn out from the anesthetic. She is still having a lot of trouble breathing but she seemed to have a bit of a respite from the constant coughing while I was home, which was a relief for her. The doctors told her she would have the results yesterday but they weren't ready for some reason. The waiting right now is pretty hard, but even worse is knowing she's having so much trouble breathing and the cough is back again.

My brother and his family will be there this coming weekend and for a week, so Mom will have plenty of time with grandkids to cheer her up and my brother and his wife can make sure she's taken care of when needed.

I have other things to post about: UFOs, insane crafting ideas, lessons in the importance of measuring twice... Those will come soon. This coming weekend is a long weekend (Canada Day!) so I plan to relax and work on some stuff.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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