Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Follow up post...

My Mom:
I meant to update on Monday evening but time slipped away. Thank you for praying for my Mom and your encouragement.

Mom is doing really well. Initially they had planned to do a surgical biopsy and attempt to remove one of the tumors. Just before she went in for surgery they changed the plan and opted for a "small incision" biopsy instead. They did not remove the tumor but did take samples for testing. She will get the results of those tests a week from today.

I will be going home to Saskatchewan today to help out while she recovers from the anesthetic and the incisions (and to keep her from doing any gardening or baking!), so I will know more first hand when I'm there.

The rug:
Thank you for the nice comments. I would like to do a tutorial, but it will have to wait for next week (or so). I will be thinking about it in the meantime...


  1. Glad to hear your mom's doing well. Good luck with keeping her from the gardening and baking!

  2. thanks for keeping us posted. glad that the news is good so far. I'll be hoping for more good news soon.


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